To select a new colorand hair mainly affected by your current shade of hair, type of skin and color of eyes.
It is better to choose a shade slightly different from your natural. After all, a radical change of image is not for everyone. The new color must emphasize your natural beauty. If your hair's light, honey light brown with a Golden hue, then pick all the Golden tones. If natural color is red, then the perfect choice would be brown, bright copper, dark brown. When your tone hair is close to black, then underline it a reddish tinge, but do not let care red. Dark brown hair, you had better brush up, adding brightness. For example, the ideal would be the color of ebony.
An important role when choosing colorand hair plays the skin tone of the face. He can be warm and cool.Is characterized by warm peach and gold tones. If you have such skin, dye your hairin red and Golden color. At the same time avoid light blonde and ash shades, they will add harshness to your features.The cold type of skin is pink and pale shade. For this perfect skin be black, brown, and platinum hairs red tones. Red and all shades of gold to the cold type of skin is not suitable, avoid such combinations.
Eye color also affects the perception of the tone of the hair. When choosing a new colorand should not focus only on the iris, you need to consider the eyes and skin.If your eyes are green and skin is tanned, use chestnut, chocolate, bronze shades. With light skin, choose a light brown tone.When the eye is gray, and the skin type warm, dye your hair, you nutty, chocolate, reddish-brown color. With light skin a perfect combination of ash and black hairAMI.Blue eyes with a warm colore skin become more expressive, when color the hair red. Dark colorand beautiful with pale skin.Warm, red, Golden shades are suitable brown eyes, regardless of skin type.
Attention to the choice of colorand seriously, considering all the factors. If you are the adventurous and want to completely change the image, start with a test painting special tonics. In the case of a bad experience you will be able to return your color, just washed my head.