What hair color for brown hair? If brunettes and blondes are all more or less clear, the color definition of brown hair can cause some difficulty. In order to understand this issue, let to start the color of the border. So, the brownies are the owner of hair whose color varies from chestnut to dark brown. For clarity, we divide the color gamut of this type in three colors that are basic.
Dark brown-haired. Translated from the French châtain word has two meanings: chestnut and light brown. In turn, the adjective châtain is descended from the noun châtaignier – chestnut. From this it follows that the term "dark brown" was originally intended to refer to brown hair, but then expanded the scope of its authority in light brown shades. It brown hair color is a sign of belonging to the category "dark brown". It is worth noting that the "brown band" boasts a gorgeous set of different hues: there are a variety of chocolate tints, from dark to milk; and Golden chestnut; reddish brown tones of the whole range of possible variations it is difficult to list.
Chestnut hair color
Brown-haired with medium shades of hair. This group includes holders hair dark blonde color. There is also no rigid framework and light brown the Foundation can be complemented by nutty and caramel notes.
Dark blonde shade
The blond haired. Hair color, defined as "light brown", is most often found in Slav. By the tone of this type is a light and medium brown shades of hair.
Light brown hair
Without a doubt the color scheme of hair that have brown-haired women are very diverse. Moreover, the number of shades is so versatile that they can confuse even an experienced Barber. Why are only some titles that exist within this definition: cocoa, caramel, cappuccino, chestnut, dark amber, vanilla, marzipan, chocolate, Golden nutmeg, dark bronze, and so on.
A variety stenovyh shades