Choose hair color depending on the color and condition of skin. For example, a person with freckles, moles or other strong features not looks very good framed with very rich, dark and light shades. Burning brunettes with Raven hair or platinum blonde needs to have a flawless, perfectly clean skin, as these colors show all the imperfections. If you have a pale complexion, choose a dark brown, cherry, ash or paint shades such as wild plum, chestnut, eggplant. The owners of olive skin well are honey and warm colors: ginger, milk chocolate.
Remember that warm colors of hair dye will give the face a glow, and cold to hide it. So if you have pinkish skin, choose sandy, light ash blond or champagne tones. Also avoid painting in red tones, if you blush often or are prone to allergic reactions on the face. People with yellowish skin it is better not to dye hair in Golden hues.
Consider the color of the eyes. People with brown, green or hazel eyes suit warm shades of Golden, brown, reddish. Blue and gray eyes are underlined with ashy cool tones or light Golden color.
If you doubt your decision, try to choose a hair color in accordance with a color type of appearance. They are traditionally divided into four: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each type has its own range of suitable tones. Spring is a light eyes green, blue or hazel color hair from light shades to dark brown and warm Golden skin tone. Such people can dye their hair Golden, dark chocolate, light brown, avoid ash and platinum. Summer people have light hair, blue or gray eyes and cool skin tone. They use ash blonde color and other shades of blonde, you can choose light chatenoy tone, but dark should be avoided.
People autumn can have both dark and light eyes, lighter hair color than the previous types, and the skin warm shade. Suitable saturated hair color: chestnut, chocolate brown, red, copper. If you're an autumn, don't be a blonde, otherwise the skin will look dark and unnatural. Winter is a cool tone skin and dark hair. They can be painted on ash dark brown or black color and you need to avoid warm Golden tones.
Before you dye your hair a selected color of paint, first try to use the toning tools, which quickly washed away. This will help you to understand how correct was the choice.