Advice 1: How to choose a hair color online

Experiments on appearance it is better to virtual, especially when technical resources allow us to do this quickly and free. Using our online service "the Virtual salon", you'll easily be able to pick your desired hairstyle and color hair.
Using our online service "the Virtual salon", you'll easily be able to pick your desired hairstyle and hair color
Before you open in your browser a page where you will be able to experiment with his looks, make sure that the computer was your photo is of good quality, which will be clearly visible facial features. When a photo is found, unable to access the website and go to "Virtual salon".
How to choose a hair color online
Specify a model (male or female) and click "Upload photo" to select the prepared.
How to choose a hair color online
After downloading photos, you will need to set the pointers to the center of the pupils. Here you can adjust the color of photographs. To proceed to the next step, click "Next".
How to choose a hair color online
Now you need to adjust the position of the pupils, the eyes and lips. Place the green arrows on the corners of the eyes, and blue – at the corners of the lips. Correct position of the pupils and click "Next".
How to choose a hair color online
The next step is to adjust the contours of the eyes. Moving the wheels set the stroke and click "Next".
How to choose a hair color online
After that, follow the same procedure for the lips and click the "Next"button.
How to choose a hair color online
Only now you will be able to choose from dozens of hairstyles. You will be able to choose hairstyles short, long, medium, styling, experiment with hair color, coloring, etc. Using the zoom tools you can just pick a size hairstyles.
How to choose a hair color online
At any time you can save the result or print it
How to choose a hair color online

Advice 2: What hair color suits to gray-blue eyes?

Due to the presence of pigment in the iris, color eyes people different. In the world you can meet the representatives of the human race with different eyes: green, brown, blue, blue. Any version of the painting "mirror of the soul" in its own beautiful and unique.
What hair color suits to gray-blue eyes?
Gray-blue eye color is one of the oldest shades of the iris. Interestingly, the gene for blue colour is dominant, so in the world of blue-eyed people are much more than the owners eye all the other shades.

A bit of psychology

If you listen carefully to the name of the shade of grey — blue, it's hard not to notice that it consists of two colors: grey and blue. And, therefore, the owners of the eyes of this beautiful hue — people are contradictory and inconsistent. Their mood can change at the speed of thought and beyond internal control. With the same speed change and the desire of owners of gray-blue eyes, the shade of which, depending on the lighting, color of clothing and other causes, can range from blue to dark gray.

It is not surprising that girls and women with such eyes often enough to want to change something in their appearance. Most people change the appearance of start with the hairstyle or hair color. What hair color is most beneficial accentuate blue eyes?

How to choose hair color for grey blue eyes

Usually natural hair color and eye color of the person are a perfect combination. However, if there is an internal discomfort and the woman feels the need to change the hair color or make them a little brighter, then simply dye the hair selected color.
To gray-blue eyes fits virtually any hair color cool shade.

The most widespread and common variant is the combination of the described eye color with blond hair. And here it is possible to opt for different bright colors: wheat, brown, ash. All depends on the willingness of each individual member of the fairer sex.

The type of appearance plays a role in this issue. So, women with gray-blue eyes can have both light and dark skin. Fair-skinned girls often colouring the iris is light gray-blue hue. Therefore, they are best suited blonde hair.

But dark-skinned ladies, with eyes of a deep rich gray-blue hue, it is better to give preference hair coloring in dark colors: black, chestnut, dark brown.
When painting, try not to use the hints more than 2 shades different from the natural color of hair.

From time immemorial, people always pay attention to the human eye. So wisely about the choice of makeup and shade of hair to accentuate the depth of the look.

Advice 3: How to pick a hairstyle and the right hair color

Every time you come to the Barber shop, you for an hour flipping through fashion magazines, not to choose a haircut or hairstyle. Of course, change is terrifying, especially when it is unknown whether they will go to the benefit.
How to pick a hairstyle and the right hair color
To choose the right hairstyle you need to know the following. If you are the owner of oval shaped faces, you will suit absolutely any hairstyle. For a round face, it is recommended to create an asymmetrical silhouette, as if to pull a face. This will help you side-swept bangs, side parting or haircombed to one side. In any case, do not pick it up more in the hair smoothly parted in the middle.
For square faces are also suitable asymmetrical haircuts. We need to raise the line of the forehead. Do not make a long thick bangs and style your hair with gel from the forehead to the nape of the neck. For the triangular face suitable hairstyle with long straight bangs with curls on top. With this face shape should not sweep to the side strands back. The winner of the rectangular face looks to reduce it, so choose thick bangs to the eyebrows and cover his ears and bramlette face strands to visually make the face more oval.
The hair needs to affect other facial features. If you are a woman with large facial features, you'll like the smooth cut, which would lay a big wave. If you have a long nose, you'll appreciate the lush hairstyles, curls, swirls, placed on the forehead. If your nose is upturned, the best hair combed up. Small nose - curls or ringlets, but without bangs.
Too long neck? Cover the hair. A short neck? Open it. If you have big ears, then partially cover their hair.
Choosing hairstyle, do not forget about the hair type. If you have fine thin hair, you should not do long haircuts. You can make a ladder in a semicircle and easy coloring, which visually add volume to your hair. If you have heavy and coarse hair, do a stepped haircut, this situation may facilitate the cutting out. With hair of average thickness, you can do any haircut, given the oval and facial features. Special fit "ranki".
To choose the color of hair, first you need to determine what color type you belong to. If you are a woman-winter (white skin, bad tans, hair dark, eyes intense cold, usually blue, gray, brown or black shades), then you can use dark shades with a slight blue tint, such as bluish black, the "black Tulip". Use the red palette is not recommended.
Girl-the spring is very soft and smooth colors and lines. Light, honey, Golden, brown with a Golden tint hair, thin and curly. Eye usually light blue, but can sometimes be brown. Such girls are never green eyes and dark tan. Light skin, usually with Golden freckles. These girls will suit pale Golden hues, and also reddish colors, from mahogany to the color of autumn leaves.
Girls summer there with fair skin, pink blush and a good tan. Hair color is ashy outflow, and eyes come in all shades of grey. For light summer styles will suit shades of wheat from the "white sun" to "Golden sand." Girls-summer should not be repainted in red, black and copper color.
Girls autumn have delicate skin prone to burns. The complexion is smooth, never blush, if you have freckles, reddish color. Red hair, often curly or fit locks having a good dense structure. Eyes bright, contrasting from green to amber. This color type will suit all shades of red, brown palette, dark brown color.
Defining your color type, just remember a few simple recommendations:
1. Paint your hair to match your conditional palette, otherwise chose the wrong tone can make your appearance untidy and careless.

2. With age, lighten hair, as dark hair give out all the flaws: wrinkles and uneven skin.

Advice 4: What hair color fits the summer color type

When choosing a new hair color, you do not want to experiment on your own appearance. It is desirable that the updated shade looked nice and refreshed face. When you are looking for paint, is focused to your type of appearance, to avoid errors.
What hair color fits the summer color type

What kind of girls are color type summer

Summer is a color type, which is most common in Russia. For girls, related, characteristic thin and delicate skin, usually pale or light olive. Aristocratic pallor - this is about women-summer. The eye colour of the owners of this type of appearance may vary. As a rule, these girls say that their eyes change depending on mood: in the morning they can be green, and in the evening – it was gray, like the overcast rain clouds the sky. As a rule, people belonging to the summer color type, have gray, green, and light blue eyes. Natural hair color these girls can vary from brown to light brown.
Leather girls-summer is very thin. Through it can Shine through the blood vessels. As a rule, such girls easily burn in the sun and have to constantly moisturize the face.

If you have doubts about your color type, please note the color of clothes that suit you. Despite the fact that summer is the hottest time, people with this type have a cold appearance. They are a cool pastel shades, and all shades of purple and grey, cold shades of red, the color of noble wine, blue and fuchsia.

Hair color for girls-summer

If you are convinced that your appearance fits the description of the color type summer, it makes sense to choose the color of hair, focusing on what shades to go for people with looks like yours. In addition, often women-summer have unremarkable hair mouse-colored, and coloring hair is an easy way to make your appearance brighter and more expressive.

Based on the shades that are most often found in the summer color type include the cold part of the palette from light brown to brown with an ashy tint. You will approach the pearly, pale or light brown color streaked with silver, noble grey.
If in doubt in choosing colors, try light brown hair. It fits the vast majority of women summer color type.

What colors should not dye your hair

There are some colors that will not be painting the girl in the summer. You will not do bright colors: red and visual red will add you a few years. In addition, you are contraindicated dark brown, chocolate and black. These colors can spoil your delicate appearance. If your skin has a yellow tint, it is not recommended to become a blonde, the owners are not too typical for the summer with hazel eyes better not lighten hair.

Advice 5: What color of hair is more suitable for dark-skinned girls

Thanks to the development of the cosmetic industry women do not have a lifetime to go as nature intended. But the urge to experiment with the appearance sometimes brings girls to the point of absurdity. If you have dark skin, be careful when changing hair color.
What color of hair is more suitable for dark-skinned girls
Nature has created every woman is unique, so are by definition beautiful. If, in an effort to change, to disturb this harmony, you get the opposite of the expected result. Before coloring your hair the red will be useful to determine your color type.

Warm or cold?

To understand what undertone is dark skin, you must observe the more shades you go. Cold type looks more like blue, blue, grey. Women with warm color type to face red, orange, pink, yellow. Neutral colors – white and black look equally good on all.

To pick hair color for dark skin, is to look at veins if they are blue then you have cool undertone, green is warm. To determine the color type can eyes. Typically, holders of the blue and gray eyes gravitate to the cool type, and green-eyed and brown-eyed, to warm.

Hair color for hot dark lady

A win-win hair color for dark skin – it's chocolate. In combination with the warm brown eyes he creates the effect of maligawatte even in women over 40. If black is your favorite, keep in mind that with dark skin looks great coal the pigment but not the color Raven, which is more suited to pale ladies.

Girls with warm color type can afford and muted shades of red – the color of the wood mahogany, Burgundy, chestnut, mocha. If you have green eyes, will be allowed to paint the hair in copper-red or even orange. Just keep in mind that combined with dark skin these colors still look slightly informal. But if you are ready to such experiments, relax in the hands of a professional.

Hair for the dark-complexioned girl with a cold exterior

Such appearance gives a pretty wide scope in the choice of shade of hair. For example, you can even transform into a blonde. Only it is desirable to avoid the shade of Nordic blonde. Your option – dark chestnut brown, silvery blonde, or blonde with blue glow pigment. Light hair color for dark skin will look natural if not to paint the entire hair completely, and be content with the highlights. Do not forget about the traditional dark shades. Darkie cold type are extremely frosty chestnut, light chocolate and deep black. By the way, the creative solution is to give the dark curls the color of eyes – blue, gray, or greenish. It can be done only by a qualified hairdresser, so it is better to go to the salon.

Advice 6: How to choose hair color for green eyes

Green-eyed women at colouring hair can freely explore the large palette of colors: they fit many shades. However, when selecting shades need to focus not only on eye color, face shape also matters.
How to choose hair color for green eyes
Black with blue or brown tint accentuates the wonderful green eyes, making the look deep and bright. This option is best suited to bold girls who are not afraid of radical change. Woman with green eyes and black hair will not go unnoticed. But don't be surprised if by going for this option, will acquire the reputation of a femme fatale: the same image is able to impress. Makeup in this case be careful: choose a soft neutral, pastel colors.
Dark chocolate or chestnut. If dark-haired green-eyed woman is able to confuse its brightness and boldness, chestnut, chocolate hair color with green eyes makes the image more calm. Green combined with brown colors is calming and it does not seem boring. This combination will bring into your image of noble elegance.
Dark brown cold or dark ash shades. Neutral option. Selecting it in the green eyes, you will not play on contrasts. Muted combinations are the favorite for women and girls with a calm nature, not seeking for adventure and change. Ideal for those who are afraid to look vulgar, for example when outstanding forms, with the love of skimpy clothes and bright make-up ashy shades will act as a neutralizing factor.
Blonde, whatever it was: sand, walnut, Scandinavian - with green eyes is consistently good, especially if you want to create easy, attractive and inviting to his way. Blonde with green eyes always have a chance to show its beauty to the world: enough to properly combine colors in makeup and to take care of your skin, as this combination of shades all the defects on the skin will be hard to stand out.
"Dangerous" colors: copper, red, Burgundy, plum and all shades of red, purple or orange tint. These combinations are good only in a natural way: then nature itself will take care of that skin tone, eye color and hair harmony. In all other cases, the owners of green eyes should be attentive to these colors, because they possess the mystical ability to make young girls older and younger women after forty years. These colors are good for older women, as visually smooth out age-related changes.

Advice 7: How to discover suitable hair color or not

Girls & women very often scratching their heads over what color of hair to choose. With all the variety of colors so you want to make the right to choose the shade that will impart a unique charm.
How to discover suitable hair color or not
When choosing the colorand the hair stylists advise to pay attention to the skin tone, density of hair and color of eyes. For this purpose even created a special table where women are divided into 4 types: spring, summer, winter and autumn.
Girls spring types is characterized by bright, almost transparent, skin, light eyes (light green, light cyan, yellow, light - dark brown), peachy blush. Often freckles. Natural color hair - Golden - blonde to light brown. If you want to change, choose paint for the hair warm colors, they are suitable for that type. This all means with a reddish tint, from copper to dark brown.
How to find suitable <strong>color</strong> <b>hair</b> or not
Summer girl is light skin and eyes. But, in contrast to the spring type, color of eyes bowl light blue, blue - green, gray - blue. Brown eyes also occur. Natural color hair - from ash blonde to medium - brown. Such women are cold all the color ofa paint for hair. Purple shade, light brown, mahogany - this palette is worth a try.
How to find suitable <strong>color</strong> <b>hair</b> or not
Girls autumn as well as spring, are warm colors. By nature they are often copper - coloured, with a transparent white, or, conversely, with a yellowish shade of skin. Eye color, from light blue to brown. Paint for hair it is better to choose close to your natural color. Try shades from light copper, honey, to dark brown. These colors will add freshness to your skin and accentuate natural beauty.
How to find suitable <strong>color</strong> <b>hair</b> or not
The girl-type "winter" for the most part, burning brunettes. Skin color from very light, almost white, to beige. Eyes cool colors - blue, grey, turquoise. So how to make from brunette blonde without damaging the hairs very difficult, try the paint on 1 - 2 shades lighter than the natural shade of hair. Any cool shades from light brown to the coloras "dark chocolate" will be for you to face.
How to find suitable <strong>color</strong> <b>hair</b> or not
The choice of colorand hair, of course, important. But it is also very important paint and the hairdresser whom you trust your head. Trust only well-known cosmetic brands and try to find a professional stylist who will not spoil the appearance.

Advice 8: How to choose a hair color

Hair and skin of man from nature and painted with a single substance is the pigment melanin. Therefore, natural hair color and skin tone naturally combines. If you don't want to upset the balance of nature, choose a hair dye "your" color, but a couple of shades lighter or darker.
How to choose a hair color

Often the desire to change and to try something completely new makes many of us dream about color, and absolutely opposite to our natural. If you finally decided to vary our tips will help you to choose the right hair color.

1. If the staining you are a beginner, start with unstable paints. They usually washed a few times, and here is proof, on the contrary, remain with you forever.

2. When choosing the color never refer to the drawings on the box – check the shades on samples from the catalog.

3. The majority of shades are either to cold or to warm. If you have dark eyes and olive or dark Golden skin, your warm. Women of the cold type of skin is fair and eyes are green or blue.

4. Always choose a color that suits. The representatives of the warm type, it is better to give preference to shades of bronze and caramel. Try to avoid black – it will make you unattractive, but to bright Golden shades, too, not strive – they are hair can become orange.

5. Want to know, will you blonde? The rule is simple: light hair ideal for all those who they were in childhood.

6. The copper shade is not suitable for those who have warm skin color – it will look sharp. You should choose a more warm tone. If your natural color is chestnut, but you want to be a blonde, do not choose a very light tone. Better make highlights for more contrast. But be aware that dark colors and bright so much better accentuate hazel or green eyes.

7. Red hair color can afford almost every, it is important to find the right shade.

8. To cover the gray, use a lighter unstable paint or dye matching your natural tone.

9. Do not attempt to repaint the cardinal on their own. If you irrevocably decide to change, do it in the salon. Barbers will not only help you to choose the hair color as accurate as possible, but will make staining more efficiently.

Advice 9: Who is chocolate hair color

Due to the variety of shades of the chocolate color any girl can find the right tone for colouring hair. The color of the hair after coloring must blend with the color of the skin and eyes.
Chocolate hair color
Chocolate color never goes out of fashion – on the contrary, is becoming more popular thanks to the variety and richness of shades. This amazing color can be a warm caramel brown or cold, reminiscent of the real dark chocolate. Choosing a chocolate color of hair, take into account not only fashion trends, but also your color type.

Who's more likely is a chocolate color

Representatives of the so-called "winter" color type will benefit if you change the color of your curls on the chocolate. The "winter" beauties of nature expressive appearance: white or dark skin, smooth complexion, brown or green eyes and dark hair. They're better rich shades of chocolate brown with steel or black sheen. When choosing paint you need to consider that dark blonde or brown hair color will look darker, so before painting it is best to consult a professional Barber. To emphasize the colour of the hair and complement the image will help bright makeup with emphasis on eyes and lips.

If chocolate hair color with other color types

Can choose a shade of chocolate color girls "spring", "autumn" and "summer" color type? Of course, you can, subject to certain rules.

"Spring" complexion perfect not too bright or dull shades, but something in between, reminiscent of a light milk chocolate. The "spring" girls usually ash or Golden hair, peach skin, grey or blue eyes, so the chocolate shade of hair will help them to make the appearance more bold and contrasting. Coloring the hair, you can't forget the eyelashes and eyebrows, which "spring" color type are often very bright. It is advisable to give them the same tone as the hair.

"Autumn" color type easily recognizable by the reddish-chestnut hair, Kareem or blue eyes and the transparent skin with freckles. With very dark hair color such appearance will lose the individuality, so "autumn" to the ladies it is better to choose a warm milk chocolate tone with hints of gold and copper. New hair color will perfectly blend with a soft makeup in beige and coral tones.

"Summer" is a pretty bright color type, which is characterized by olive skin, green or grey eyes and brown hair. "Summer" girls can afford bold experiments and choose a bright chocolate color cold or warm hue. The main thing – do not abuse decorative cosmetics, otherwise the image will be too geeky.

Advice 10: What hair color suits to gray-blue eye color

Gray-blue eyes combine two colors, indicating that their owner as a contradictory nature. Depending on the saturation of grey or blue tint, the owner of such eyes can be like a delicate violet, and narcissistic despot. But women with gray-blue eyes often interested and harmonious selection of hair color.
What hair color suits to gray-blue eye color

Hair color and blue eyes

Centuries of observation showed that the blue eyes suit any shade of hair, except for a fiery red color. Grey eyes also look harmoniously with any color – but blue eyes a perfect match for the hair of light shades. The most attractive combined with eyes of this color are brown hair that look great even with gray hair.

Stylists do not recommend to immediately change the hair color, adjusting his gray-blue eyes according to the fashion – perhaps the natural color of hair is the most suitable.

The perfect solution is pre-fitting wig any color – this will help to accurately determine the correct selection. You can look at a combination of gray-blue eyes with brown or black hair color, and you can highlight their contrasting warm reddish hue, which set off the cold gray-blue color. Young girls can pick him calm pinkish hue, while older women should pay attention to the gray tones, complemented by coloring with tinted balm.

Selection of color in the skin

When choosing the shade of hair to grey blue eyes definitely need to consider the type of skin. So, the owners of dark storm colored eyes it is advisable to opt for black, brown, rich brown and dark red colours. It should be remembered that the color of paint chosen should not contrast sharply with the natural hair color more than one or two colors.

To dye the hair should have a professional hairdresser who will determine the right shade and the right mix of paint, if several colors are used.

Bliznaci girls with gray-blue eyes absolutely contraindicated silvery tones of the hair that give the appearance inexpressiveness and dullness. The most correct choice for them are copper, caramel, bronze and Golden shades of blonde, combined with a few reddish or chocolate strands. The most beneficial in this case looks a lot of thin strips, which are evenly spaced on the hair using highlighting on the foil. For coloring the individual strands, which accentuate the pale skin and gray-blue eyes, use a mixture of several shades of paint.

Advice 11: What color hair is now in Vogue

Properly selected hair color is equally important when creating a stylish image than the hairstyle itself. Today stylists offer a variety of interesting shades that will transform and brunettes, and brown, and blondes.
What color hair is now in Vogue
As primary colors stylists offer hints of milk chocolate and thick caramel, copper-red shade and light ash blonde. These colors are as close to natural, and look very harmonious. If you want to look stylish, feel free to use this colour palette when choosing paint for the hair.
Today in fashion natural coloring, and painting with a 3D effect. Hair should look as natural as possible. With a thick weave should prefer the lightness of the strands throughout their length, and their subsequent rendering in the desired color. Sharp transitions in weave stylists in this year is not recommended.
Light shades of hair in this year are still popular. However, the platinum blonde, the stylists are advised to use only on short haircuts. If you have long hair, choose the colours more natural tones. For example, you can color your hair in honey color, or give them a hint of ripe wheat.
Blondes, it is worth remembering that today is not welcome regrown dark roots and causing colored strands on blonde hair. If you've decided to dye my hair blonde, remember that tinting the roots have to regularly. Well-groomed hair and natural color is fashionable, stylish and beautiful.
If you decided to dye my hair light blonde, remember that hair color should not be lighter than the color of your skin. The sharp contrast between skin and hair color looks vulgar and unnatural. The same applies to dark shades. If you have fair skin, do not use for colouring hair too saturated shades of black.
Dark-haired girls, it is recommended to paint hair in soft, muted shades. In fashion shade of latte, coloring in chocolate colors, the color of cocoa and dark chestnut. But bluish-black hue, which has recently been a topical, fashion experts, is not recommended.
As for the red shades, they remain at the peak of popularity. Deciding to dye your hair in red color, avoid too bright colors that look unnatural. In a fashion all shades of redthat don't look artificial. You can combine juicy and pastel shades, cold and warm tones. Most importantly, do not forget that the hairstyle should look harmonious.
Despite the fact that the stylists predicted the popularity of the "puppet" of colors such as lilac, blue and pink, in the main, these colors are not used. If you decide to make an unusual coloring with these colors, it should be remembered that the transitions between tones should be as smooth.

Advice 12: What hair color for brown hair

Specify the color of the hair, which is typical of brown hair, can be challenging even for experienced specialists. This color category has a great variety of shades.
What hair color for brown hair
What hair color for brown hair? If brunettes and blondes are all more or less clear, the color definition of brown hair can cause some difficulty. In order to understand this issue, let to start the color of the border. So, the brownies are the owner of hair whose color varies from chestnut to dark brown. For clarity, we divide the color gamut of this type in three colors that are basic.
Dark brown-haired. Translated from the French châtain word has two meanings: chestnut and light brown. In turn, the adjective châtain is descended from the noun châtaignier – chestnut. From this it follows that the term "dark brown" was originally intended to refer to brown hair, but then expanded the scope of its authority in light brown shades. It brown hair color is a sign of belonging to the category "dark brown". It is worth noting that the "brown band" boasts a gorgeous set of different hues: there are a variety of chocolate tints, from dark to milk; and Golden chestnut; reddish brown tones of the whole range of possible variations it is difficult to list.
Chestnut hair color
Brown-haired with medium shades of hair. This group includes holders hair dark blonde color. There is also no rigid framework and light brown the Foundation can be complemented by nutty and caramel notes.
Dark blonde shade
The blond haired. Hair color, defined as "light brown", is most often found in Slav. By the tone of this type is a light and medium brown shades of hair.
Light brown hair
Without a doubt the color scheme of hair that have brown-haired women are very diverse. Moreover, the number of shades is so versatile that they can confuse even an experienced Barber. Why are only some titles that exist within this definition: cocoa, caramel, cappuccino, chestnut, dark amber, vanilla, marzipan, chocolate, Golden nutmeg, dark bronze, and so on.
A variety stenovyh shades
Useful advice
If you are the proud owner of the title "brown hair", try not to forget about the constant and thorough care for their hair. The fact that this type of hair quite capricious in the absence of gloss and grooming looks dull and unattractive. However, the natural color inherent Satinover shades, is gaining popularity. Just look at the photos of popular movie stars and show business, to understand – many celebrities prefer hair color that is suitable under the definition of "brown-haired".

Advice 13: How to pick the perfect hair color

Flipping through fashion magazines and catalogs, you can literally try on new clothes, shoes and hairstyle. In most cases, any tone of hair you absolutely will not go. You need to be able to choose the optimal color, combined with your appearance.
How to pick the perfect hair color
To select a new colorand hair mainly affected by your current shade of hair, type of skin and color of eyes.
It is better to choose a shade slightly different from your natural. After all, a radical change of image is not for everyone. The new color must emphasize your natural beauty. If your hair's light, honey light brown with a Golden hue, then pick all the Golden tones. If natural color is red, then the perfect choice would be brown, bright copper, dark brown. When your tone hair is close to black, then underline it a reddish tinge, but do not let care red. Dark brown hair, you had better brush up, adding brightness. For example, the ideal would be the color of ebony.
An important role when choosing colorand hair plays the skin tone of the face. He can be warm and cool.Is characterized by warm peach and gold tones. If you have such skin, dye your hairin red and Golden color. At the same time avoid light blonde and ash shades, they will add harshness to your features.The cold type of skin is pink and pale shade. For this perfect skin be black, brown, and platinum hairs red tones. Red and all shades of gold to the cold type of skin is not suitable, avoid such combinations.
Eye color also affects the perception of the tone of the hair. When choosing a new colorand should not focus only on the iris, you need to consider the eyes and skin.If your eyes are green and skin is tanned, use chestnut, chocolate, bronze shades. With light skin, choose a light brown tone.When the eye is gray, and the skin type warm, dye your hair, you nutty, chocolate, reddish-brown color. With light skin a perfect combination of ash and black hairAMI.Blue eyes with a warm colore skin become more expressive, when color the hair red. Dark colorand beautiful with pale skin.Warm, red, Golden shades are suitable brown eyes, regardless of skin type.
Attention to the choice of colorand seriously, considering all the factors. If you are the adventurous and want to completely change the image, start with a test painting special tonics. In the case of a bad experience you will be able to return your color, just washed my head.

Advice 14: What hair color would suit green eyes

About the owners of beautiful green eyes for centuries wrote poems and songs. A woman with the same color eyes attracts, fascinates, charms ... like a witch.
What hair color would suit green eyes

Green eyes

Green eyes are attributed magical properties. And there are even special horoscopes which give the interpretation of the character's eye color. Green-eyed beauties peculiar principled, stubborn nature.
They are popular and respected among his friends and acquaintances. It is easy to achieve their goals and is able to withstand the difficulties. Have good intuition and there is a mystery.

But how to choose such eyes hair color? To address this issue should be approached seriously. Nature originally gave you your under eyes the shade of hair. Most often in green-eyed beauties black, chestnut or brown hair. There are rare women with red hair. If you have any of these colors, then you are lucky. They all look great with your eye color. But what if your hair is not bright enough? Or you want to change and have decided on a painting? Then you should, first of all, imagine what hair color would you like to see yourself, and whether he goes for your face shape, skin tone and eye color?

Natural color

You should pay attention to your natural hair color. Not all paint can, for example, to repaint a brunette to a redhead or even blonde. If you are unsure of the end result of painting in a particular color, it is best to seek the advice of to a beauty salon or personal hairdresser.

About the color of the face there is a rule – if the skin is pale, it is better to use warm colors.
Women with light skin and green eyes, well suited to all the warm shades of Golden, brown, red and red. For pale skin it is better not to choose blonde, platinum and ashy shades.
If you have dark skin tone, you better go cool shades. Owners age spots and freckles on the face fit the Golden hues. If your skin has properties much blush in the wind, covered with reddish spots, then you should not use red color.

Which color is better?

Women with green eyes should pay attention to such colors: light brown, red, honey, Golden blond and light brown. If the eyes are a cold shade of green without any inclusions, you'll like the cool shades colors: silver, pearl, light brown and ash. If the iris is Golden or brown blotches, you'd better choose warm colors, such as: wheat, brown and red. However, remember that dark shades of hair better than light-colored shade and emphasize green eyes.

Advice 15: How to choose hair color eye color

Repainted the hair, you can significantly transformed. But in order not to wear out your face and make it brighter and more expressive, it is important to choose the right color. It is necessary to consider many details of your appearance, and above all - color eyes.
How to choose hair color eye color
If you have brown eyesbut, you should choose shades of brown, Golden and copper colors. Pitch selection in this case depends largely on the colorof your skin and how dark your eyes. For dark brown eyes and dark skin, good all dark shades of listed colors, which will enhance the beauty of your face and make the appearance more natural.
If you have fair skin, it is best to choose Netanya shades of caramel and copper. If you have fair skin and hazel eyesand close to the color of sand color, you will go pale shades of tan, caramel and chestnut. Girls with brown eyesAMI you should avoid bright colors for hair, otherwise the image will seem unnatural and inharmonious.
For those who have green eyesand fit bright paint of the same colours, and Kareeye's. Will look great hairstyles Golden, rich brown, vibrant red and copper shades. Bright color hair will emphasize your individuality, brightness and expressiveness of the eyes, attract attention and make your looks irresistible.
When choosing colorand blueeyesgirls's important to determine what colorotipo concerns your appearance. If your eyes aredark and saturated colorand close to blue or cyan, and the skin is pink or brown, then you belong to warm colorto otipo. Will suit darker or bright shades such as chestnut, Golden, copper or red color. If you have light eyesand pale skin, it is best to choose the cold shades of blonde or ash color.
For those who have grey eyesand are suitable for almost any shade of hair dye. But if you want to look natural and harmonious, choose tones depending on your colorof atipa. For the people who belong to the warmer type, fit chestnut, red, copper tones and caramel. Those who apply to melee type – blonde, ash and black. But if you have uneven skin, have wrinkles, scars or acne, it is best to avoid black hair.
Choosing color to hair, keep in mind all the details of her appearance, from the colorand the skin and eyes to growth and fullness figure. In addition, think about how a new color of hair will fit your lifestyle and environment.
First, determine the tone level to match your complexion, i.e. not too dark, and choose hue: warm (being a ginger) or cold. Who have hair dyed in blond and who would like to go back to her natural hair color, it should be remembered that blindirovannye hair dye washes out faster than natural, so they must be more toned in about 2-3 weeks.
Useful advice
But as far as the use of a particular paint will be appropriate and will not have harm to health of hair and scalp depends on you. Choosing the color that will soon become your, you should consider your type of appearance – ideal black color can give a special charm to your friend, and you do a few years older, or becoming a bright blonde, you will look Flirty-sexy, and simply vulgar.
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