To choose the right hairstyle you need to know the following. If you are the owner of oval shaped faces, you will suit absolutely any hairstyle. For a round face, it is recommended to create an asymmetrical silhouette, as if to pull a face. This will help you side-swept bangs, side parting or haircombed to one side. In any case, do not pick it up more in the hair smoothly parted in the middle.
For square faces are also suitable asymmetrical haircuts. We need to raise the line of the forehead. Do not make a long thick bangs and style your hair with gel from the forehead to the nape of the neck. For the triangular face suitable hairstyle with long straight bangs with curls on top. With this face shape should not sweep to the side strands back. The winner of the rectangular face looks to reduce it, so choose thick bangs to the eyebrows and cover his ears and bramlette face strands to visually make the face more oval.
The hair needs to affect other facial features. If you are a woman with large facial features, you'll like the smooth cut, which would lay a big wave. If you have a long nose, you'll appreciate the lush hairstyles, curls, swirls, placed on the forehead. If your nose is upturned, the best hair combed up. Small nose - curls or ringlets, but without bangs.
Too long neck? Cover the hair. A short neck? Open it. If you have big ears, then partially cover their hair.
Choosing hairstyle, do not forget about the hair type. If you have fine thin hair, you should not do long haircuts. You can make a ladder in a semicircle and easy coloring, which visually add volume to your hair. If you have heavy and coarse hair, do a stepped haircut, this situation may facilitate the cutting out. With hair of average thickness, you can do any haircut, given the oval and facial features. Special fit "ranki".
To choose the color of hair, first you need to determine what color type you belong to. If you are a woman-winter (white skin, bad tans, hair dark, eyes intense cold, usually blue, gray, brown or black shades), then you can use dark shades with a slight blue tint, such as bluish black, the "black Tulip". Use the red palette is not recommended.
Girl-the spring is very soft and smooth colors and lines. Light, honey, Golden, brown with a Golden tint hair, thin and curly. Eye usually light blue, but can sometimes be brown. Such girls are never green eyes and dark tan. Light skin, usually with Golden freckles. These girls will suit pale Golden hues, and also reddish colors, from mahogany to the color of autumn leaves.
Girls summer there with fair skin, pink blush and a good tan. Hair color is ashy outflow, and eyes come in all shades of grey. For light summer styles will suit shades of wheat from the "white sun" to "Golden sand." Girls-summer should not be repainted in red, black and copper color.
Girls autumn have delicate skin prone to burns. The complexion is smooth, never blush, if you have freckles, reddish color. Red hair, often curly or fit locks having a good dense structure. Eyes bright, contrasting from green to amber. This color type will suit all shades of red, brown palette, dark brown color.
Defining your color type, just remember a few simple recommendations:
1. Paint your hair to match your conditional palette, otherwise chose the wrong tone can make your appearance untidy and careless.

2. With age, lighten hair, as dark hair give out all the flaws: wrinkles and uneven skin.