Today many homeowners in finishing their home, they use it to OSP. These plates can be easily mounted and, if necessary, to dismantle, through them pass the screws easily and they are environmentally friendly material. In the Board's composition includes several layers of wood, forming a mottled surface, which is difficult to paint. Therefore, it is useful to know some features of the process, greatly facilitates the solution of this complex task.

Primer plate

Painting OSB begins with priming the surface. You can use watered down PVA glue or a primer of deep penetration.
Water for dilution of the adhesive must be filtered.

Primed the plate with water-based lacquer, which can be acrylic or acrylic-polyurethane. This lacquer is diluted with water, keeping the ratio of 1:10, ten parts varnish one part water.

Instead of the primer of deep penetration you can also use the alkyd based varnish which should be diluted before applying the white spirit.
It should be noted that alkyd varnish gives the stove a yellow.

After this primer layer dries, and it happens not earlier than 8 hours, the plate can be painted.

Painting plates

For staining of the osb, you can use latex or oil paint. Apply it with a brush, roller or spray.
It is not necessary to use a water-based paint, as it can lead to swelling of the plate.

As is known, the paint tends to spread sharp corners. Therefore, before the start of work will zakruglenie the corners of the plate a light sanding. This is especially true of OSB, used for the exterior.

First stained the perimeter of the plate and then the rest of the surface. Special attention should be paid to the painting of the edge surface is more porous than the plane of the plate. So you need to pay special attention to sealing the edges, which is carried out before priming.
If the finish using the plates implies that the edges will be visible upon completion of the work, their recommended fill cellulose filler and sanded.

There is a perception that a thick layer of paint thin better. But it is wrong. It is better to apply several thin coatings than one thick one. With each successive layer should be applied only after full drying previous.