Do not use paint to change the color of the marble. Even if you manage to cover several layers of the surface and wait until the paint dries, it will quickly wear off and loose. Clear from her marble will be quite difficult, thus there is a high probability that you will scratch the original surface. If you want to take the risk, please note that you cannot use rough brushes, as they will benefit the marble.
Change the composition of conventional inks vegetable-based to keep the marble. To do this, take a solution of borax and mix it with paint. To the mixture add the nitric acid salt or nitric acid (a few drops). So, for the blue color select vegetable dye Indigo, and red – brown shade. Mix brown ink with nuts and get a real Gothic black marble.
Learn the basics of special technology of colouring of white marble. Please note that for this operation need special paint. Perform a staining procedure using hot solution. In this case, the paint will sink deep in the marble, and accordingly will be strengthened in him. The solution should be of such temperature that it still foamed.
Proceed to the manufacture of staining solution. It is based on the alcohol: dissolve it litmus, if you want to achieve the blue color of the surface. Depending on the amount of added substance will change the saturation of the resulting color. A solution of gamboge ensure the marble yellow, and green to achieve will help you simple children's method: treat the marble first solution with litmus, and on top, treat the paint with gamboge. The red color comes from the root alkane, and the combination of verdigris and zinc sulfate and ammonia "get rich" the surface of your marble.