If the foam is inside the room, paint it with any paint, water-based (e.g., latex). To do this, buy in the hardware store paint the desired color and brush set.
Check that the surface was dust. If necessary, clean it with a dry cloth.
Apply a layer of paint on the surface of the foam by moving the brush in one direction to avoid divorce. Leave it for a while, that coat of paint has dried up. Repeat the procedure, causing another layer of paint. If necessary, you can apply a third layer.
For the artistic coloring of the foam surface, you will need a set of gouache paints and a set of art brushes. For the basics you will need latex paint, which will serve as the basis for painting.
Prepare the surface for patterning. To do this, paint the surface with a layer of latex paint base color and let the paint several hours to dry.
Using a simple pencil and apply the liner of the future drawing on the surface of the foam, using a template, or draw free-hand if the template is not used.
Brushes apply the gouache to the surface of the foam in accordance with the printed pattern. Allow the product to dry well. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
To be applied on a foam exterior paints (if the product is outside the room), apply a first protective layer of plaster to avoid dissolving the foam under the paint.
Plaster apply a thin layer on the entire surface of the product and gently spread over the entire area. Wait until the plaster dries, then prosopalgia.
Instead of plaster you can use "liquid glass" that is applied in a thin layer on the surface of the foam. In this case, the putty surface is not necessary.
On the prepared surface, apply exterior paint with a brush, moving her in the same plane. After the paint is dry, repeat 2-3 times depending on the need.