The main enemies of wood are moisture, mold, fungus and insects, so to avoid frequent repairs and increase the life of wooden structures, it is necessary to provide the respective protection material. Interior and exterior finishes for wooden house - it is absolutely different things, as on the exterior wall affected by weather conditions. For example, snow, rain, wind, humidity, sun and so on. Selection of paint should be based on these features.

Acrylic paint

This type of paint has all the qualities, which are necessary for the preservation of wood:

- the lack of an airtight layer (after applying the paint layer the surface of logs or boards "breathe");

- preservation of original appearance in time interval from 7 to 8 years (this is approximately the time when the repair time);

- flexibility of the cured paint (even with the deformation of the tree layer of paint will not cover the cracks).

Oil paint

This type of paint has a low price, but there are a few good qualities. Paint, which is linseed oil, resistant to changes in atmospheric conditions due to the fact that she was deeply infiltrating the structure of the material. It is necessary to consider the drying time of oil paints, because it is completely dependent on weather conditions and can range from two to several hours.

You also need to remember that the air contains particles of dust, which in windy conditions can get on painted surface. When this happens, some places have tint. Paint fades over time and requires renewal after 5 years or even 4 years.

Opaque antiseptic

New paint material, thanks to which even the wood is low grade will look respectable, which will save on construction materials. Alkyd-acrylate-based composition will last more than 9 years.

A novice Builder should be aware that any paint will hide the wood texture, so if the house is built of precious wood (glued laminated timber, calibrated timber, etc.), it is better to use blue or clear varnish. The surface will become glossy, giving the house more attractive. The nail will not be able to change the pattern of the material, but the shade of the surface will be different.