You will need
  • - waterproofing;
  • - a primer of deep penetration;
  • - exterior paint;
  • - the spray gun;
  • - putty.
Carefully inspect the plate eurosaver for cracks and other small deformations that could occur during transportation or installation. All damage should be plastered, because the accumulation of moisture in them washes out the connecting elements. As a result, the concrete becomes loose, falls apart.
Seal the joints between posts and panels eurosaver finishing putty. Use mixes intended for outdoor use and can withstand low temperature. Allow putty to dry.
Carefully apply the concrete surface, the solution of waterproofing. Refer to the instructions on the package. Let the insulation layer to stand for a certain period of time (manufacturers typically specify a period of time).
Apply on the entire surface of eurofences, including supporting columns, a primer of deep penetration. This will increase the strength of concrete structures to the adverse effects of moisture and other atmospheric precipitation. To ground the fence can be one layer, but not to leave gaps and streaks.
Once the primer well dry, proceed to paint the eurosaver. Prepare exterior paint and fill it in a spray bottle. Colouring with the use of special equipment significantly reduces the consumption of material, ensure uniform coating of the surface layer of paint – no bubbles, sagging and other undesirable effects.
To get saturated and lasting color to paint the eurosaver is necessary two times. The second layer should be applied only after the first well was dry.