You will need
  • fine - grain sandpaper;
  • plaster on wood;
  • - primer;
  • - Lac;
  • - masking tape on a paper basis;
  • - a brush or roller.
These wardrobeyou can cover with paint or varnish. The Polish refines the appearance. Before painting it is important to carry out preparatory work.
Using coarse sandpaper, remove the old layer of paint or varnish. Carefully where you want to locate the surface as much as possible to get rid of the bumps. Remove dust and dirt.
Fill cracks and chips. To do this, apply putty to create a smooth surface. Possible swipe the entire surface with putty Cabinetand in two steps. Let the first layer dry thoroughly, as there can be shrinkage. Apply a second coat of putty.
Proceed to the responsible process – grinding. Use fine sandpaper. The result is a completely smooth surface. Remove any dust left after sanding.
Not less important stage of preparation – primer. It will provide a beautiful Shine and smooth as possible the surface color of the wardrobe. To Prime the can with a brush and roller. Apply the first thin layer. Wait for final drying.
After finishing the preparatory works start painting the wardrobe. Typically, the paint or varnish on the chipboard is applied in 2 layers. If you notice errors on the surface, then clean with fine sandpaper.
When painting the individual parts of the surface, use masking tape. It will help to prevent sagging and the appearance of jagged edges. Do not use in this paper another Scotch. It can stick pieces of paint.
For the final drying to leave the wardrobe for about a week. That's enough time to nail is firmly attached to the surface.
When painting you can use various stencils, which will be interesting designs and patterns on the surface of the wardrobe.
If your wardrobeand damaged ends, protect them with veneer. To do this, enough with the hot iron to glue the plastic tape with an adhesive coating.