The Activities Of Elena Malysheva

Today the transfer of Elena Malysheva with the telling title "Live healthy" has a huge popularity. The Russians will learn from it about characteristics of the human body, proper self-care and many other important facts about your body. The program served the most accessible and adequate information, which is due to the form of submission is easily perceived not only adults but also children.

For advice on your program Malysheva invites outstanding healthcare professionals, making the "Live healthy" this online clinic.

Today on Russian television transmission of Elena Malysheva "Live healthy" is one of the most popular TV shows, which considers a wide range of issues concerning health, nutrition, hygiene and prevention of various diseases. During four transmission blocks, telling about home, food, life and medicine, from the Studio audience get an exclusive opportunity to be surveyed on the most modern equipment and get helpful advice from qualified Russian specialists.

How to get in touch with Elena Malysheva

Since the program "Live healthy" each issue examines specific issues, many viewers are unable to obtain the necessary information on a particular diagnosis. Elena malyshevoy also has an official website; however, all material appearing on it, are more exploratory in nature, so the ideal solution is a personal letter to the presenter.

For many people, communicating via email is more comfortable – because the anonymity allows you to voice their concerns, not hiding the intimate details.

To set Helen malyshevoy a question on the subject of health, you need to fill out a form on the website of the program "Live healthy", which serves to describe your problem in a text message. For professional advice personally from Malysheva, a letter should be sent to After receiving the letter Elena Malysheva either personally consider a problem or redirects the patient to the experienced doctor, who specializiruetsya on a given issue. If the answer does not come instantly, don't worry – Helen malyshevoy write thousands of people, to answer all questions quickly, she is not physically able to.

It is also possible to send letters to the address: 127427, Russia, Moscow, Akademika Koroleva str., 12, indicating - "Elena Malysheva" or "To "Live healthy".