As the name Elena Malysheva - this is a peculiar brand that is known to many, it is not surprising that to her for advice treated many famous people. They are interested in how to eat, what dietary supplements to take, etc. Years of consultation developed in rich experience, resulting in Elena Malysheva brought a number of postulates concerning the supply. And she calls her diet.

The basic principles of the diet of Elena Malysheva

Itself Elena Malysheva says that its power system can hardly be called a diet. It's just the rules for those who want to maintain their health. Weight loss system Malysheva - this is not a restriction in food, and the knowledge of how to properly treat yourself and your health. It is headed by the variety in food, but it must be useful and healthy. All the postulates are explained in simple and accessible examples.

Such diet fasting are all rapid methods, which involve the most complete rejection of food. These give a short-term effect. Doctors advised them not to get involved.

Based on years of observations Malysheva offers 5 rules. One of them is no starvation. Because starvation causes stress in the body, when all the dropped pounds back again in a fairly short period of time. To eat constantly, but in reasonable proportions.

The second rule concerns the number of calories consumed per day. Elena Malysheva recommends consuming no more than 1200-1400 calories a day. This amount is enough to maintain normal activity of the organism. The main thing is to make sure that the food was varied, then it won't seem that lean diet. It is sometimes recommended to take the test to find out what amount of calories will fit each person individually.
If your daily intake is 2500-3000 kcal and above, it is impossible to sharply cut their rate to the recommended. Otherwise, there is the effect of starvation. Start to reduce the number of calories slowly.

The third rule is that the food must be fractional, and small portions. For example, the ideal option would be eating 5-6 times per night, portions the size of your palm. Malysheva recommends to distribute food throughout the day: 30% of the total daily ration in the morning and at lunch 25% at dinner; the remaining 15% should be distributed at lunch and snacking. It is necessary in order for you the whole day felt a sense of saturation, and then I won't be tempted because of hunger to eat something forbidden - chocolate or muffin.

Should abandon loaves and fat. The main enemies of harmony and health are the flour and fats. This is due to the fact that they are heavy and high in calories. This means that the body does not always cope with the assimilation of such products, and all the excess is deposited on the sides and hips. If life without konfetki or buns do not mean you can afford one in the day until 12 noon. At this time, metabolism at a high level, and such products can be digested without any problems. And even better to replace the potentially harmful products white meat poultry, fish, etc.
Alternatively, you can eat dark chocolate. It is much dietine milk and has no tangible harm to the body. However, it also can be eaten only in the morning and only a couple of slices.

The fifth rule very indirectly relates to diet. However, it is the key to the success of the event. Malysheva recommends talking to your body and listen to it. First, you need to configure your body that certain restrictions compared to a usual lifestyle are necessary and good. Secondly, it is necessary very clearly to react to how the body takes such restrictions. After all, no diet will not be for the future, if there is to be done forcibly.

The scandal associated with the name Elena Malysheva

The scandal associated with the name Elena Malysheva, had originated from the same diet. One time the Internet was widespread advertisements that are offered to the ladies diet Elena Malysheva. It was a box set of products, using which you can lose weight and become slim and healthy.

She Malysheva called these promotions a divorce and deception - by purchasing such products can seriously damage your health. In addition, the attackers offered a sample menu for a week. It could receive for a paid SMS. The cost was quite high. Known the doctor was indignant at this fraud and Scam and promised to make every effort to identify the people who exploit her name and misleading people.

However, until now no one has been found and punished. Malysheva and once again urged not to trust questionable sources and not to harm thus to their health.