If before soundtracks were recorded in studios using special equipment, but now they were replaced by the computer and specialized programs. That is why today the network can find a large number of different backing tracks of popular songs that you can use to interpret the art of your favorite band or singer and to entertain the guests at the party.

How to find a minus one song

In order to find the soundtrack to a favorite song, you will need to enter the name of the song and artist and add the word "minus". The search results will please you – you will see hundreds of different backing tracks of the songs (good and not so, with an audible backing vocals and without). All you need to do is download the song to your computer.

Advice on best backing tracks

When choosing a College you should pay attention to some of the parameters. For example, it is best to choose a soundtrack, which will not have any significant differences with the original version. When choosing a cell, it will be easier to sing, and in the case of hitches, it is easier to find the place where you stopped. The use of accurate backing tracks will also help you memorize the song, performance style and vocal line.

How to sing

Before singing the song cell best to listen to the original version of the song in order to determine the movement of a melody of voice, to determine pauses in the singing, be trained to do the vocal ornaments (Blues intonations, etc.). After listening for some time the original version of the song, you will be able to confidently navigate while singing cell.

For training you will need a couple of times to sing the song, accompanied by the original – so you quickly memorize the vocal part of the song, feel confidence without voice "support" of the singer at independent performance.

Before the singing at minus listen to the song "without a voice" several times. You can also sing along to remember the melody. Usually a pause in the vocals are characterized by instrumental lose – it will be a sort of hint (however, this principle does not work in the songs written in the style of "progressive").

Try again minus and more or less confident to sing the whole song. Let first you will not be able – with some practice, you will achieve a good result. Do not worry and do not think that you will never be able to sing like your favorite artist. Everything is in your hands!