For this skirt would be the best fabric that is easy to drape, such as silk, chiffon, a good idea to look also thin cotton fabric (cotton, satin).

To stitch a skirt tiers, just one measurements – waist size. Depending on waist size and calculated the length of each ruffle.

Consider a specific example – the skirt is three tiers of ruffles. The first frill is cut out as a rectangle, whose width should be equal to the waist measurement multiplied by 1.5 (from 1.4 to 2, depending on whether you want to keep her skirt was puffier or not – the larger the multiplier, the more magnificent the skirt). The width of the second ruffles Shiite equal to the first multiplied by the same multiplier. Third ruffle width – the width of the second multiplied by the same multiplier. The length of each ruffle is calculated as the length of the finished skirt divided by the number of ruffles. That is, in the diagram when the length of each frills 35 cm, turn the skirt length 105 cm.

Как сшить юбку ярусами на лето

Useful advice. Ne forget to add every detail of the seam!

Putting the skirt is tiered from the top down. First, we need to prisborivat top ruffle, sew it to the belt, then prisborivat the next ruffle, sew it to the bottom of the top ruffle, and then only remains the same operation is done with the last third flounce.

Useful advice. H ■ prisborivat flounce enough to flash it manually the top edge, seam forward a needle, and then pull up the fabric on the threads and distributing small folds.

The bottom of the skirt should bend and hem. A skirt you can further decorate with lace, braid, applique, embroidery. You can also sew this skirt out of fabric of different colors and patterns.

Attention! The skirts of greater or lesser number of flounces are sewn similarly, regardless of the length of the product.