The principle of operation of the wireless headphone may be done in three ways – by using Bluetooth, through the transmission of infrared rays or radio waves. The sound quality of each variety of headphone is different.
Wireless headphones with Bluetooth connection work on the basis of the digital signal to analog. To enjoy music even at a distance of 10 meters from the source, and the presence of obstacles in this case is irrelevant.
There are headphones that work via the transmission of radio waves. Range of receiving the signal wirelessly up to 150 meters. However, the sound quality can sometimes be low. The principle of operation in this case is the type of phone. If you go out in the headphones on the street, the wind may cause interference.
Wireless headphone, which is based on radiation of infrared rays, have good sound quality, but move away a large distance from the main source of the signal you have will not work. The principle of operation in this case is the same with the device remotes. The slightest obstacle can cause the muting.
Sync wireless headphones with almost any audio source – mobile phone, tablet, PC, laptop, stereo or TV. Special attention should be paid to proper selection of the correct model that is compatible with the brand of equipment used.
To connect wireless headphones to the audio source in two ways – via Bluetooth or a special apparatus, which, usually included with them in one set. If the audio source equipped with Bluetooth, you only need to be configured for data transmission. In the opposite case, the transmitter is inserted into the Jack for wired headphones and only then are the appropriate settings.