Why they are harmful

When we listen to normal music speakers, speakers, TV, and similar external sources, the sound gets into the ear, which by nature is an excellent resonator. Due to this, sound waves are amplified and regulated in a natural way.
Bluetooth headphones caused not by the fact that the ears fit a certain device. Because the same ear plugs or muffs are not considered dangerous. The transfer of sound, especially loud, backfires.

However, when using headphones, especially the so-called "plugs", the sound is naturally not amplified and the owner of the player adjusts the volume level is already at its discretion. However, due to the fact that initially we tend to want to turn the music louder, we inevitably exceed the admissible norms of noise, and as a result very quickly – a few days – you can considerably reduce the severity of their own hearing.

Additional harm from the headphone-plug is that it creates an uncontrolled pressure on the ear. Before this pressure, coupled with prolonged intense noise exposure the human ear is quite vulnerable, because the natural hearing aid "includes the option of" self defense from a short rumble, but not loud and constant noise.

How to avoid the harmful effects of earphones

Health professionals usually give some simple recommendations that will help to keep the ear when using headphones.
1. Should carefully monitor the volume in their headphones and try to always make the sound "a bit quieter".
2. It is better to avoid the ear-tabs, because they are most harmful to the human ear.
3. To determine the acceptable level of volume the sound comes from the headphones, it is necessary to say a few words aloud. If their own voices are not heard due to headphones, it is better to be quiet.
Restoration of lost hearing – the process is long, expensive and painful, you will need to undergo a lot of injections and other procedures. Therefore, account should be taken of the danger posed by innocuous-looking headphones.

4. Otolaryngologists are usually advised to listen to the audio through headphones is not more than one one hour a day.
5. Very good hearing and healthy ears to listen to music not through headphones, and from external sources, and should develop in themselves such a useful habit.