To be happy with the purchase, the choice of headphones should be approached with great responsibility. Remember that price is not the determining factor - even the most expensive headphones can be very uncomfortable. If you select do not chase fashion and grab those headphones with which you feel most comfortable with.
You should know what included with the phone are never sold headphones quality. However, they may be useful to you – you need to buy a good pair of headphones with a connector, similar to that installed on them.
If you want to listen to music with high quality, immediately discard the miniature earphones inserted into the ears – these are usually supplied with the phone. Design features, in particular, the small size of the membrane, do not allow to achieve high-quality reproduction of low frequencies. Use a small, on-ear headphones provide much better sound. Many models are supplied with compact thin headband or mounted directly on the ears.
When buying headphones pay attention to what frequency range they reproduce. To listen to the recordings in mp3 format with enough range, 20 – 16000 Hz as frequencies above 16000 Hz compression recording in mp3 are cut, and higher quality headphones just useless.
It is very important when buying headphones to appreciate their convenience. In particular, do not slip if they do not press it. Note how for the total cable length and the cable length from the microphone to the headphones. Often one of the wires is very short, that is uncomfortable when using headphones.
Rate the quality workmanship headphones. Cheap models even look very simple – they have a dull Matt plastic, the joints between the parts are clearly visible. Swipe your finger across the working surface of the headset: if you feel the bumps and burrs, buying this model is not worth it.
When buying headphones, make sure to rate the sound quality. Listen to hear music, make a test call. Make sure that the microphone works as the call button. Finally, rate your overall impression of headphone - intuition in this matter plays a significant role. It is very important to find "your" thing: if the headphones cause any doubts, look for another model.