Investors who entrusted their money to the Bank, often interested not only in profitability and Deposit term, but other terms of the contract, for example, the possibility of obtaining contribution amount the Trustees or the heirs. Today there are a number of procedures to bequeath a contribution at any Bank, including Sberbank of Russia.

The procedure for preparation of wills

According to the Russian legislation, absolutely all Bank deposits inherited as other property. This means that the depositor can bequeath their savings to any citizen, organization or the state. The order can be made in favor of one or more persons, and in their choice of the investor is not restricted. The only requirement today – will must be made in writing. In addition, a will can be cancelled at any time. The civil code provides 2 ways of drafting orders.

The will in the savings Bank

The depositor may make a testamentary disposition of their contribution, in any office of the savings Bank. You must personally visit the Bank with your passport, a passbook or the Deposit agreement, and to make each contribution available to testamentary disposition in the prescribed form. The responsibility of auditing of the will lies on the authorized Bank's employee, who is required to take all essential action: to certify with his signature the validity of the drafting instructions and to enter data about the last will and Testament in the registration book.

The deposits for which Sberbank has a testamentary disposition, made before 01.03.2002 year, not included in the hereditary mass. Therefore, after the death of the testator the heir can receive the Deposit amount and all due interest thereon, without a clearance on a notary certificate. The remaining deposits, including those where there is no will, and they made a notarial order, the money is inherited, depending on the specific case and available documents.


Deposit holder can make a will in the notary office. If it concerns only the deposits in the savings Bank, the notary read out to the testator the contents of article 1149 of the civil code. In this case, the norm providing for the allocation of the compulsory share of inheritance shall not apply.

To confirm the presence of the Deposit in the savings Bank, the notary claims of future heirs passbook, Deposit agreement or other document confirming the fact of the contribution. If supporting documents are not available, the heirs may apply to the Bank office where, presumably, kept the deposits of the deceased, their search. This can be done independently or through the notary.