Procurement of raw materials

Manufacturer of feather pillow begins with the procurement of raw materials. One thick pillow standard size will need at least 1.2 kg of a mixture of feathers and down, which in terms of birds will be 10 15-20 geese or ducks. The presence of feathers and down duvet definitely as solely the product will quickly go astray and lose their shape.

The procurement process is the plucking and sorting pen. To keep the feathers well obsidianus, battered bird be for a few minutes dipped in boiling hot water.

Separating the first plate from Oceana, fold the raw materials in gauze, gingham or cotton bags size 80x50 cm, Prepare a soapy solution by combining 12 liters of boiling water 200 grams of grated soap, and 800 g of washing powder. Put the bags of feathers for 30-40 minutes, then rinse in warm and cold water.

The sequence of manufacturing cushions

One feather pillows you will need:
- fabric 75х150 cm
- line
- scissors,
- threads,
- the range.

For the manufacture of pillows, choose natural fabric whose density will not allow fluff to roll out the service. Most suitable to be tik — cotton canvas, has a special strength due to weaving. Density poteriaeva tick should vary from 140 to 155 grams per square meter of fabric. The benefit of teak is the fact that it is a natural material, does not cause allergies, keeps you warm, while breathable.

From fabric cut out the rectangle and fold it in half. The manufacture of pillow-case is a special underwear with a seam. To do this, sew the edge on the front side, and then follow the line on the wrong side. On one side leave a small opening through which the fill gasket. When you are finished getting your pillow, sew the opening.

Caring for feather pillow

Durability pen products depends largely on correct maintenance. Feathers collect moisture, dust, grease, so need regular washing is not less than 1 time in 2 years. Under this rule the goose-feathers not lose its properties for 25 years, duck – 10 years.

For washing the fluff out of the pillow case, placed in a gauze bag and washed in soapy water, dried and again placed in a pillow-case. Do not forget that the product storage should be dry and well ventilated area.