You will need
  • Computer with Internet access, a phone list of nearby banks, phone.
To select the contribution of the proposed banks must collect information on the Internet or to call or visit all the banks that are close to you. Then analyze the information and choose the type of contribution that is most appropriate. Banks call deposits in different ways, but to avoid confusion in the variety of proposals - read the terms of Deposit and you will be able to determine the type of contributions and find what you need. What are the different types of deposits?
The contribution of demand - it is a normal current account, withdraw money from the account at any time the interest rate on such Deposit is minimal. Such a contribution is open for transfer of wages, pensions, benefits or other monthly income. Also, if the Bank's client needs on a monthly basis or from time to time to make a Bank transfer without turnout to the Bank. For this is a long assignment.
Classic usual contribution with a fixed interest rate and interest payment at the end of the term, it is called urgent. From the point of view of profitability is typically the contribution with the highest interest rate that the Bank can offer at this time. The downside is that Deposit offer is usually for a long period of six months or more to withdraw money before the term is possible only with the loss of all accrued during this time percent. If the investor is sure that the money for this period of time he won't need, you can choose this type of Deposit to the Bank, where the percentage is higher.
Deposit with monthly interest payment in a separate client account from which the money at any time to withdraw. This Deposit is convenient for those who have the ability to place on Deposit a decent amount, and the accrued monthly interest you can withdraw or accumulate, depending on the desire.
Replenish the Deposit, when the client already has one open Deposit, with the appearance of his available funds invested in it. Some banks put a condition - the completion should not be below a certain amount (e.g., below 5,000 rubles) the contribution of a more dynamic and convenient for the accumulation of funds, banks are offering under this type of deposits all kinds of savings deposits. For example, a savings Deposit, to collect the necessary amount for the down payment on your mortgage or car loan.
The contribution of partial withdrawal and replenishment. This contribution usually has a number of conditions. The main condition - it does not reduce the remainder. To withdraw money from the Deposit, but up to a certain amount. Interest accrued on the withdrawal amount can save and reset. You should carefully read the terms of the contribution of the partial withdrawal. The contribution also has the ability to recharge. Deposits with partial withdrawals have a lower interest rate.
Deposit with interest capitalization is a very convenient type of Deposit as interest accrued for the period ( month or quarter) is added to the remainder of the Deposit, and in the next period the interest is charged on the total amount of contributions and interest. This allows you to increase income. To find out how much income you can receive such a contribution help calculators deposits that can be found on the website of the desired Bank.
Multicurrency Deposit is a Deposit opened at the same time in different currencies, for example, in rubles, euros and dollars. Banks on such deposits allow you to manage your account and shift money from one currency to another or to replenish one or another position, depending on in what currency at this point is beneficial to keep the money. To withdraw money from this Deposit can also be in the currency in which it is convenient to the client. The contribution allows you to receive interest on the Deposit and benefit from a particular currency. The disadvantage is that not everyone is able to do their part to monitor the currency exchange rate permanently.