To certify a copy of the court decision is generally required in an appeal against this act or show it in another court, and other authorities to carry out certain legally significant actions, of receiving the state service. If a citizen submits a copy of the judgment in other judicial body (for example, for confirmation of already established circumstances), her special certification is not required, it is enough to have the original of this judicial act, to upon request present it for inspection and comparison with the existing copy. This rule applies in relation to any documents that citizens submit to a court of General jurisdiction in civil cases.

How to assure a copy of the decision to the court of arbitration?

If the previous judicial act is submitted to the arbitration court in reviewing a particular case, it involved in the case, a person is entitled to certify the document itself (with the original). In the arbitration process take part legal entities and individual entrepreneurs that procedural law allows to certify the authenticity of copies of documents attached to case materials. It should also have the original of the decision, as the judge may request him to confirm the authenticity of the information contained in the copy. In the absence of original instance, you can make a request to the court that made the relevant decision.

How to certify a copy of the court decision for other public bodies?

If the copy of the judgment is submitted in any other state or municipal authorities, then you will need notarization. To do this, visit any notary office, submit to the notary the original and the copy of the judicial act, to ask to certify the authenticity of copies. The notary verifies that the information in the original and the copy of the document, and then certifies the authenticity of the copy, and the applicant pays for the services rendered. In most cases, the notarized copy is equivalent to the original document, so no other confirmation of its authenticity is not required. Confirmation of the authenticity of the copy of such document by a notary is universal and the most reliable way in which any questions to the person presenting such an act, will not arise.