Modes of operation of the enterprise

In Chapter 17 of the labour code lists several types of modes of working time that may operate on the enterprise. This:
normalized 8-hour working day;
- irregular working hours;
- career mode is flexible;
- work in shifts;
- summarized recording of working time;
- employment the possibility of splitting the working day into parts.

The main features of the operation of the enterprise

The normalized duration of the working day is 40 hours per week, employees work with a lunch break from Monday to Friday, the last working day shortened by 1 hour.

Long working hours is regulated by article 101 TC RF. It is used mostly for persons holding administrative positions, the duration of labor which is incalculable. TK allows the involvement of these employees to perform their duties beyond established for them working hours. Long working hours is not for everyone, it should be stipulated in the employment or the collective agreement.

Career mode is flexible is regulated by article 102 of the labour code. In this mode the start of the working day, its termination or the General duration is determined by agreement of the parties. The employee is required to work set by the employer total number of hours worked during the accounting period, and which was adopted by the working day, week, month, etc.

The mode of shift work it is advisable to use in enterprises where there is a continuous production cycle. This mode reglamentary article 103 TK the Russian Federation. Work organized in 2, 3 or 4 shifts allows more efficient use of expensive high-tech equipment, machines and mechanisms. An exemplary shift schedule recommended by the Clarification of the USSR state Committee and the all of 8 April 1967.

Summarized recording of working time is applied, when performing certain types of work cannot be observed normalized length of the working day. The maximum duration of the established accounting period must not exceed 1 year.

The operation of the enterprise to divide the working day into parts is established in the case where it is caused by necessity and is due to the special nature of the work. It can also be used while performing work, the intensity of which varies considerably within one working day (shift). In this case, it is advisable to divide the working day into parts, so that workers are not idle in one continuous shift.