Based on the above Procedure, normal working time is calculated according to the calculated scheduled the five-day or six-day working week, based on the duration of daily work, which at sorokacova working week is eight hours, and when tridtsatimetrovoy working week - six hours. In the case of a six-day working week, number of hours in sorokacova working week amounted to 6.7 hours a day and five hours per day, respectively.
In the case that output and festive day coincide, the day off is transferred on following after celebratory day. If the holiday falls on a working week, the working day, preceding, shall be reduced by one hour. This calculus rasprostranyaetsya for all types of working weeks, including six day.
Due to the foregoing, the normal work week of a particular month should be calculated in the following manner: the length of the working week, expressed in hours, divided by the number of days in a week, multiplied by the number of working days on the calendar six-day or five-day system, this amount is subtracted the number of hours that this month is the reduction of working time before holidays.