Advice 1: How many hours a day are supposed to work according to the law

A normal working day lasts no more than eight hours, if the forty hour work week. Such duration to establish the 100-th article of the Labor code. However, there are exceptions where the duration of the working day can both increase and decrease.
How many hours a day are supposed to work according to the law

Working time

The labour code gives a clear definition of working time and provides for different variants. Working hours is exactly the time when the worker directly works, it performs those actions which are entrusted to him by the employment contract and job responsibilities. At this time does not include any breaks. In most cases, the duration of working time is set directly by the employer and in accordance with the law, comprising not more than forty hours a week. These forty working hours distributed throughout the week in different ways, depending on the so-called working hours. This mode is established by labor agreement or contract.

The main adopted for use mode - normal working hours. In her forty hours a week divided into five work days of eight working hours. Other variants are possible of the distribution of hours of work. For example, shift working time is allocated so that the result is not more than the allowable weekly limit.

The law allows as increased duration and shortened, work in a flexible way.

Short duration work is the place for special categories of workers. It's minors, disabled people, working in harmful or dangerous conditions.

Work in a flexible regime or in the regime of flexible working time - in this case, the beginning of the work, its end or the total duration of the shift can be changed by the mutual agreement of the employee and the employer. At the same time, a set number of hours per week the employee still needs to work out.

The duration of working time can not only decrease but also increase.

Long working hours

Long working hours, according to the Labor code, is one of the modes of working time and represents a form of work in which workers, if needed, may be required to work beyond normal working hours. Such engagement can only be sporadic and in excess of such engagement work is not paid, and, most of all, kompensiruet an additional vacation.

If the employment contract for the employee is set to long working hours, it does not mean that the employee can bring to work all the time. In the 101st article of the Labour code focuses only on the episodic involvement, that is, such involvement in any case must not be permanent or even a clear periodic nature.

For employees with irregular working day also there are internal rules of the organization, which is determined by the specific time for beginning and completion of work, this period of time and is for all without an exception of employees of the organization normal work.

Other work performed in excess of

There are other ways of attracting employees to work in excess of eight hours established by law.

One of them is to work at night. In the presence of production necessary to accomplish such work possible. However, the total duration of work must not exceed in this forty hours a week. This may be achieved by providing additional rest time equal to the duration of the work. when such conditions are not to form extra hours.

It should be borne in mind that the night work should be reduced to one hour.

Overtime - so in everyday life are called to work beyond normal working hours, which is performed at the behest of an organization or entrepreneur, i.e. the employer.

All cases in which the laying of such work to the employee, clearly stated in the law. To change or add to the list the employer can not do independently. But, if there is a written consent of the employee to work overtime, attracting to it possible with subsequent payment in a larger size.

Advice 2 : How the law is supposed to last working time

The law in Russia protected all spheres of life, so in order not to be deceived, just to get acquainted with modern legislation. Including labor.
How the law is supposed to last working time

The terms of the employment contract

How many people every day, they have to get a new job? Before making a person to work between the employer and employee is the employment contract stipulated by the Russian legislation. In this contract spells out all the requirements of the employee, his remuneration, normal working time, the conditions offered by the company for labor and some other nuances.

Standard working time according to the law

Working time is a time period during which all employees comply with the terms of the employment contract and their duties. The duration of the total working time of each employee shall not exceed forty hours per week - this means, roughly, the eight-hour day. An exception may be shift work where the schedule can be designed for 12 or 24 hours.
Work at the private person can last a week in a week with 8 to 22 hours.

The order of calculation of norm of working time

Standard working time is calculated on a specific calendar periods, depending on the hours in a week. The rate is determined by the Executive authority, in turn, he carries out functions on legal regulation in employment, so all employers must keep a record of time spent by each employee, and pay the appropriate money.
At any time, the Executive authorities may require a special report from the organizations.

What is the working time for different categories of employees

For ordinary workers, the working time should last no more than 40 hours, but besides them there are other categories that are not able to operate at full capacity for various reasons. For example, shortened working day has been set for the teachers. It should not be more than 36 hours weekly; 1 and 2 groups disabled persons – per week 35 hours.

With regard to employees who are not yet 16 years old, they set the normal component of 24 hours a week, for persons aged 16 to 18 years – not more than 35 hours, in the same way as disabled people. For employees whose jobs are harmful to plants 3 and 4, the degree of danger on the scan results, the standard working time must not exceed 36 hours. If the employee is required to work on their days off, or remains on duty after working hours, in order to execute the order of the chief, these hours must be paid as processed.
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