The preferred food for cats is meat. Raw meat can give so, but boiled is best mixed with vegetables, otherwise the animal will begin constipation. Offal must peremanivat in the freezer and before giving them to the Maine-kun, scalded or slightly boiled. Feed the cats the food should be room temperature. Hot or cold food does not suit them. Before you give something to an animal, cut it into small pieces. Large pieces can be given, as cats have no teeth, they could chew your food – they can only break it.
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The basis of the diet for your Maine Coon is meat. Beef is a good option as it contains all the essential nutrients. Adult animal per day can be given about 100g, kitten about 30g of beef. You can give chicken meat. Best – chicken breast, an adult cat can be given and a leg. It is not necessary to give the animal pieces with bones.
You can include in the diet of the Maine Coon offal such as liver, heart, lungs, kidneys. However, most cats are reluctant to eat the lungs and kidneys, so this option may not be suitable. The liver like almost all cats, but it is necessary only in boiled form, as in the liver are deposited various substances which have digested before you put it in the food. If the Maine Coon has a light color, then his hair from the constant use of the liver may be yellow.
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Dairy products are a source of calcium for the animal. About once a week the Maine-kun, you can give a natural cheese. Kefir, fermented baked milk and baby food can be given frequently. Cheese occasionally and in small quantities. Milk can give adult cats not recommended, as they are not very well absorbed, often causing indigestion.
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Vegetables and cereals required for the cat. Pure predator they are, most likely, will not, therefore, vegetables or cereals mixed with meat in a ratio of 1:2, and 2 parts have the meat. In this form, the cats eat vegetarian food much more readily. It is also recommended to grow special grass for the animals, it is possible to germinate seeds of wheat or oats.
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If the schedule of food appointed by the owner, the pure water of the animal must always be. It is not recommended to give boiled, as the Maine Coon, if they drink then tap water, you may have trouble with digestion. Better to just pour the cat is water from the filter.