Start to raise a pet from infancy. An adult cat is extremely difficult to train, while the kids are still able to adjust and accept your attempts to teach them certain tricks. Learning speech is no exception. In addition, training can be males, cats are more picky and independent, and their mouthparts are not as flexible and hard to change.
Listen to the natural language pet. Note how he meows. Each cat in his own way expresses his feelings, emotions and desires. Couching the wealth of cat's tongue in one "meow", you are making a mistake, as in fact it is much richer and differs in each individual. Find the meow your pet "the words", reminiscent of something from our speech.
Start working with was found vocabulary units. Suppose, separate the sound of the kitten reminds you of the word "meat". As soon as you hear it, repeat the word "meat" and praise baby. Reinforcement is an important stage of work. Play and selling the game: say the word "meat". If the kitten responds to the desired sound – praise. In this step, it is essential to exercise powers of observation, because the sounds of the wild cats, usually associated with a particular situation. Says the word "meat" in that moment, who the appearance of the corresponding sound seems the most likely. So you will increase the likelihood of a quick consolidation of lesson.
Do not expand the number of words until you become one. Be consistent and patient. Only after verifying that the first lesson thoroughly secured, begin to expand vocabulary. Do not forget about the constant repetitions.
Don't be too demanding. You can't teach a cat to say the word "meat" as we are accustomed to hear. Remember how difficult it is to understand somebody speaking with an accent. Your pet will also say "word" a little differently. And it all depends on your mood. If you believe that your cat is able to say the word "meat", then you will be able to hear it.
Be careful in demonstrating the talents of the pet in front of guests. Make sure that they understand people don't expect miracles from a cat. All animals are extremely vulnerable and can't stand to be laughed at. If there are skeptics who laugh while showing off your her collaborative efforts, it is better to refrain from public speech and "conversation" with the cat alone.