Initially, stocking was considered a man's garment, only when Elizabeth I women have added them to your closet. Nowadays, some girls skirt stockings party, thinking that they are very uncomfortable. In fact, if the right to choose and to wear stockings, any discomfort you feel.
To choose the right size of stocking is very simple. On one side of the box is a dimensional grid. At the intersection of the values of height and weight will be a suitable size. Density of stocking and tights, depending on the number of den. 6-15 den have a thin stockings, suitable for summer. 20-40 den – variant denser, can be worn in cool autumn weather. Choosing a color, keep in mind that with the dress made of thick fabric is appropriate to be look like black stockings. Under the light dress is better to wear stockings. White stockings are used mostly in a wedding dress. Stockings with a belt should be the same color or well combined with each other.
Before you put on stockings, be sure about the smoothness of the legs, make sure that the nails are no burrs. Remove all jewelry from hands and slightly wet palm. If you chose a model with a belt, it must be worn in the beginning. Straighten and position the belt so that the number of mounts for stocking front and back was the same.
Take the sock and put it to "accordion" so that was left untouched one sock. Put it on toes. Fix all the seams, they should not be warped. Next is the most important stage. Carefully unroll the stocking on the leg. If this is hard to do – wet your hands again. Patterned stockings or models with decorative stitches convenient to put in front of the mirror. So you'll notice the curvature of the figure and not have to remove the stockings completely.
Elastic stockings should be slightly wet with water, so the fit will be more dense. You will get rid of the need to improve stockings. To secure the stockings on the belt, the distance between them should be the same around the entire circumference of the thigh. Fasten the clamp perpendicular, by placing the edge of the stocking inside. If you feel discomfort, adjust the tensile force of the suspenders.
Stockings are considered underwear women. By choosing a short dress or skirt is mini, please note that the stockings should not be visible. The visible rubber looks more vulgar than sexy. Also, do not wear nylons under a slinky dress. With open shoes appropriate only transparent bodily tights. Under dark or patterned model is better to choose the shoes.