You will need
  • - compression stockings;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - silk socks
To wear a compression garment is recommended in the morning, directly after waking up. At this time, the feet no swelling, and wearing support stockings will help to avoid their occurrence. If you wear stockings just does not work, before using the linen you must take a horizontal position and lie down for 20 minutes.
Off bracelets and rings - they can ruin the stockings. Long nails can also damage the product. In order to avoid this, wear rubber gloves. In addition, the use of gloves will prevent the occurrence of diseases of the thumb, which can arise from daily dressing over gauze dressings.
Take the sock, turn it inside out and put on the hand. Pinch the toe of the product and wrap it to the inside of the heel part.
Remove the stocking with your hands and hold it so that the heel of a product was sent to you. Pull the twisted part on foot, to the middle. Catch the stocking and gently pull it to the heel with both hands.
Pull the twisted side to the ankle. Carefully straighten the foot using your thumbs.
Wear stockings to the knee and turn it on the front side. Gently, using your thumbs, push the appliance on the hip. Thoroughly smooth all the creases.
Pull the sock products, freeing the thumb. Make sure that the knitwear is distributed evenly on the leg.
To wear compression stockings open toe are advised to use silk socks. They are, as a rule, included in the package. Remove the sock can be pulling its front part.
Wearing the compression garment is in all day. To remove the appliance only before bedtime.
For withdrawal it is also recommended to use rubber gloves. Grasp with both hands the upper edge of the product and, twisting him inside out, pull with the legs. To remove the stocking with the heel, slide your hand inside the unit.