Advice 1: Why in the hospital to take the stockings for delivery

Compression stockings for childbirth - an indispensable tool for the prevention of thrombosis during childbirth or caesarean section. Stockings normalize the blood flow in the lower extremities, to protect from swelling and help prevent serious complications in childbirth.
Special antiembolism stockings for delivery today recommended for almost all pregnant women, regardless of the presence or absence of varicose veins. The stockings is a necessary expectant mothers for the prevention of thrombosis: during labor, the vessels of the lower extremities are experiencing tremendous stress, and in the deep veins can form blood clots. Thrombosis is a dangerous complication that threatens the life of the mother, and stockings are necessary to reduce the risk. The development of thrombosis is possible in any mode of delivery: stockings or elastic bandages on the legs are recommended with natural physiological childbirth, and cesarean section. Women with varicose veins and vascular diseases to wear a special stocking shown not only during childbirth but also in the later stages of pregnancy, to reduce the burden on the deep veins of the lower extremities.

As prescribed compression stockings?

If a woman has no vascular pathology, stockings during labor necessary as a preventive measure. They will help to prevent swelling and relieve unnecessary tension. Such women will suit the most simple stockings with a minimum compression ratio. Allowed to use instead of stocking elastic bandage.

If a pregnant woman observed vascular pathology, or she's suffering from varicose veins required specialized compression stockings, choose to help the doctor. Stockings should be worn with varicose veins before delivery, during birth and for some time after childbirth or caesarean section. They evenly distribute pressure and normalize blood flow in the vessels of the legs, preventing stagnation and blood clots. After a caesarean stockings or bandages must be removed only after giving birth will be allowed to get up and walk around the house. Varicose veins in a couple weeks after delivery instead of stocking your doctor may prescribe a special maternity compression hosiery.

What stockings should I choose?

When selecting stockings, you should give preference to products made of natural cotton threads with a minimal addition of synthetic fibers. The seams in the high-quality stockings are missing. This will provide maximum comfort and allow the skin to breathe.

The use of stockings at the time of birth is not a guarantee that the woman would not appear vascular pattern typical of varicose veins. However, this precaution is necessary to significantly reduce the risk of vascular problems.

Advice 2 : How to choose the right size of stockings

Today's market of stockings is wide and varied. You can pick out stockings in color and shape, pattern and transparency. Mostly stockings, like tights, are made from polyamide yarns with lycra and nylon. It is the spandex and nylon provide long stockings sock, and your feet harmony and grace.
How to choose the right size of stockings
The size of the stocking can be defined as the same as the size of pantyhose by height and weight. Each package of pantyhose or stocking painted table specifying the size designation. On a horizontal line is given a weight on the vertical line delayed growth. At the intersection of the lines corresponding to your parameters, you define the size of your stocking. It is marked with the numbers (1 to 6) or letters (S-M-L-XL).
You can also define the size of the stocking on the leg size and the length of their heel. Depending on foot size stockings are marked with numbers from 8.5 to 13. In addition, the length of the stocking is designated by the letters : S -short - short (just above knee); M-мedium - medium (above the knee 8-10 cm); L - long (mid-thigh).
However, when choosing the size of the stocking do not forget about the peculiarities of their own figures, keep in mind the fullness or thinness of your legs, their length. Try to choose stockings maximize your size. Stocking of smaller size will not be sitting correctly, and the stockings are larger in size will constantly slide.
Color preferences of women are different. However, it is worth remembering some General rules election of the stocking. You should not choose pure black or white stockings, women with full or straight legs. These colors will emphasize your shortcomings. On the contrary, the smoky-grey or flesh coloured stockings will hide all the structural features of your feet.
When choosing stocking please note elastic. It should be firm but soft.
Remember that stockings and tights used for medical purposes, chosen somewhat differently. This is especially true of compression hosiery, to select which is important for a person's weight and his height provided that the ratio is proportional. Experts advise to use the table:
Size, s weight, kg.
1 – S 45 - 52
2 – M 52 - 62
3 – ML 62 - 72
4 – L 72 - 84
4XL - XL 84 - 105
5XXL – XXL 105 – and above
If the stockings are selected for the expectant mother, you have to choose the size that the woman wore before pregnancy.
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