How to wear stockings with a belt, knows not every girl and woman, because in reality it is a science.

How to choose a suitable belt

Choosing the right belt is very important. If possible, you should buy a whole set, then it will be 100% sure that parts will fit together. Also pay attention to the number of garters. It would be better if there will be at least three. The number of garters is better to fix the stocking. Suspenders y belt elastic, this gives them strength. Stockings need to wear very carefully.

If belt and stockings were bought separately, it is necessary to try and fasten the belt. Dressed in full kit, you should spend a few moments in order to understand whether it is convenient for you to walk and can the belt to hold the stockings.

Purchased belt should study and learn to zip up. Only after this practical accessory you need to wrap around the waist and well fixed. The belt needs to be spread, then put on stockings. They attach to the belt using the provided dressings. Your choice depends on how to put on panties: on top of the belt or below it. But easier still to wear the panties under the belt. Look more sexy thongs, especially the ones that come in the kit.

The subtle nuances on how to wear stockings

All belts come with garters-rubber bands. They look like bra straps. Their ends are small size clips. Belt need to wear so that the front and back of thighs were the same number of straps.

The clamps-the clamps shall be at the same level with the boundary of the stocking, already worn on the leg. The buckle is fastened only on the rope grip: from the inside – one side, the front side is another. Attach the clips should be solely perpendicular to the edge. Consistently performing all manipulations, you should not forget to follow the elastic band located at the waist. Be twisted it should not.

To adjust the "strapless" is possible only after fixing the stockings. It is very important to consider your own feeling. Stockings should be the right one, the proper height. But, even though the correct attachment, any stockings will be slightly sliding down from time to time. Be prepared that you will need sometimes to pull. Initially fastening the stockings will cause some difficulties. But be aware – this is long. Over time, this will become a habit, and this manipulation is performed automatically.