Bandage is recommended to wear, starting from 4-5 months of pregnancy when there is active growth of the fetus. But to spend all day in, it is recommended to take breaks for 30-40 minutes every 3-4 hours.
There are prenatal, postnatal and combination bands. Wearing prenatal bandage is particularly helpful to women who lead an active lifestyle during pregnancy, a lot of time on your feet or have diseases of the spine, pain in the back. It is also recommended during the second pregnancy when the muscles of the abdominal wall become weaker.
Postpartum bandage is chosen together with your doctor because there are contraindications to wearing. It is not recommended to use a brace for women after a caesarean section, suffering from diseases of the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, and skin diseases. Combined bandage can be used both before birth and after.
Any of these tires should be matched for size. Only in this case the benefits will be tangible. To determine its size, measure the circumference of hips under the belly. To select postpartum brace measure circumference directly on the hips after birth.
It is necessary to consider that different manufacturers of underwear there are different sized mesh. Sometimes they focus not only on hips, but the waist and also height and weight of a woman or clothes size. Therefore, if you decide to get a bandage, carefully consider the size chart which will be indicated on the packaging.
Better, of course, if you measured the brace directly when buying. Then you will be sure that it is perfect. If you decided to buy postpartum bandage, then navigate you only have tables for the size of the manufacturer.