The best time to wear compression stockings, is the morning. Yet no sooner had the swelling and the wearing of support tights will contribute to their prevention. Your feet should always be dry. In order for the compression stockings easier to put on or take off, use rubber gloves, especially because they risk to damage the elastic tissue is greatly reduced.
If you have compression stockings have an open toe, a first foot is better to wear a special sock made of silk. Then hands in rubber gloves you need to pull the stocking on the heel. In any case, do not pull on its top edge. Better to collect it with your hands and gently spread over the leg, to the knee, the stocking should not overturn. Be sure to avoid folds. After this stocking to pull on the thigh. Then pull the silk sock, grasping it for Lysacek.
Now check the correct fit of the stocking. The upper edge of it should be placed at mid-thigh, or it needs to be stretched to his groin.
To remove compression stockings there is also a need using the rubber gloves. You need to take a stocking from the top end and remove it from legs, twisting at the same time.
Support stockings can be worn all day. At night they must be removed. This lingerie can be worn not only to achieve a therapeutic effect, but also in the prevention of varicose veins. First of all, it is recommended for people who spend a lot of time standing because of their professions: hairdressers, teachers, flight attendants, and athletes during weight training. In the summer it is not recommended to wear compression stockings for a long time, as in hot weather, they feel uncomfortable.