Some women initially fasten the stockings to the belt, and then wear these clothes. However, it is correct and it will be easier to start with that first to wear stockings, pulling them up to the upper thighs. You should also make sure that the edges of the stocking are on the same level.
Put on a garter belt, a clasp similar to the clasp of the bra. The belt should be worn on the upper boundary of the panties. The four strap should hang freely: two behind and two in front. Adjust the straps so that they end at the upper border of the stocking.
In most models of straps suspender belt to attach to your stockings are used with a rubber loop. Take the sock, pull it to the rubber button, insert the button into the hole in the clasp and slide it down inside the hole. Clasp needs to be fixed more tightly to it is not undone at some inopportune moment. If necessary, adjust strap.
Repeat these steps with the other three buckles on other straps. Make sure that you have adjusted them the same way. To fasten the clasp behind you, you can do it in front of a mirror in full growth. Thus you will see how fixed the stockings to the rear. Need a bit of patience and practice, and fastening the stockings to the belt will be for you a simple skill. For convenience, you can wear lace panties or g-string panties over the suspender belt, although traditionally they are worn under the belt.
Some time ago, the garter belt was considered something indecent and provocative. It was sold only in sex shops and evoked in the minds of most Association strippers or ladies of a certain behavior. However, the sexual revolution has liberated women and broke that stereotype. Because a woman in stockings looks very sexy. So today, garter belts can be found in the usual parts of women's underwear.
The garter belt is well suited for women with full legs. Stockings on the silicone that look good on skinny legs, legs fat women can pinch the skin and create unsightly effect of prolonged sausage. Although this is not important, and a sense of comfort when the feet "feel" yourself more freely. This is an advantage of wearing stockings with a belt.
And, of course, the stockings on the belt look more impressive than just stockings. Even if you prefer a more natural style of dress, try for once to wear stockings with a belt. For example, under office skirt, going to work. This part of your toilet will be as a contrast to the strict office dress. Although others do not see this "flavor", but for sure will notice the change in you. After all, it creates a special feeling of sexiness and charm. The combination of suspender belt will be an unexpected surprise for your loved one, if you put them in front of the date. Or for the partner to Wake it again and again the fire of desire.