Why remove the nerve from the tooth

In the process of development of dental caries is the destruction of enamel. It appears the hole in order to penetrate the microorganisms. They affect thick dentin, and then the fibrous connective tissue that fills the internal space of the tooth (the pulp). The patient begins to hurt the tooth, the pulp becomes swollen and presses on nerves. During treatment, the dentist usually tries to maintain at least part of the pulp, as in this case, the tooth will serve a longer time. Removal of the nerve is performed in the following cases: in case of mechanical destruction, with the appearance of holes large size, with often disturbing the patient's pain.

To avoid such drastic measures as removing the nerve, you need to carefully monitor the health of the teeth and in the preventive purposes periodically visit the dentist.
Thanks to modern technology at present, the removal process of the tooth nerve is about half an hour, it is performed under local anesthesia. At the end of the procedure installs a non-permanent seal, the patient is prescribed x-ray examination of tooth for treatment monitoring. When good results is the final sealing of the channels and holes in the tooth.

Causes darkening of the tooth

A big disadvantage of the procedure of removing the nerve - darkening of the tooth, which is quite common. Enamel can darken due to improper sealing, lack of treatment with disinfectants. In addition, together with the nerve removed and the vessels, as a result, the tooth is not supplied with blood, nutrients, enamel weakens and changes its color. Further, it is a gradual destruction. To return the enamel surface white, the dentist can use the method of intracanal bleaching. Before the procedure with blackened tooth and remove the seal and conduct a thorough cleaning of root canals. Then the cavity is filled with special whitening gel, temporary filling is set.

In some cases, darkened tooth set of metal-free ceramic crown.
Through two weeks, depending on the result can be re-bleaching. For maximum effect, in some cases, multiple sessions are required, but no more than 4. Then carried out the restoration of the tooth. Depending on the saving effect of about a year can be made re-indoitalian.