You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - registered mailbox.
Go to your email Inbox, by entering your login and password on the main page of the site (a free service provided by many portals, for example,,,, and others). If you need to refresh the page to learn about new mails, use the control panel at the top of the page.
Click on the "Check out" (other options are "Update"). After that, the page refreshes and new emails appear in the Inbox.
Go to the Inbox from any other, and you will see new messages, if any. By the way, when you move from one folder to another, all the indicators are automatically updated. And if one of them will be a new letter, you're bound to learn about it.
Refresh the page incoming messages from the keyboard. While in the Inbox (or your mailbox), press F5. Page updates will happen automatically ,therefore, it will update your incoming message.
If you expect an answer to your letter, you do not have to constantly refresh the page. You can continue working in the same browser in which window is open with the mailbox. Opening other tabs, you won't see the mail, but when receiving a new message tab will start blinking and show the words "you Have 1 new email" (or something similar).