Since the tooth pulp, the tooth is considered "dead", i.e. it should not react to cold and hot, as well as to hurt. However, in some cases, pain accompanies chewing. There are several possible causes.

Postoperative syndrome

When there is aching pain that lasts for several days after removal of tooth pulp, it should not cause patients anxiety. It's quite a normal phenomenon which is due to interference with the tooth structure. In most cases this type of pain occurs when taken too hot or cold foods and drinks. In addition, it can occur when chewing hard foods or closing of the jaws. Usually after a few days, at least weeks the pain goes away and the tooth behaves as if nothing happened. But you can alleviate the pain using modern analgesics or folk remedies.


If pulpless tooth hurts when chewing and there was a feeling that it slightly increased, the reason of this discomfort is harmful bacteria. This picture suggests that they entered through the root canal of the tooth into the jawbone. Usually the pain is accompanied by swelling of the gum near the tooth, sometimes there is swelling on the face. If not immediately consult a doctor, the microorganisms will gradually destroy the bone around the tooth root, and it threatens his removal. The most unpleasant in this situation is that this process can be not only fleeting, but can last for several years. When this take place, it would be virtually asymptomatic, only occasionally the tooth will be felt pain.

Incorrect treatment of the tooth

A tooth with a remote nerve may be sore because of incorrect treatment. So, the doctor could spend deponirovanie not very high quality or to leave the nerves in the channels. As a result, the pain will not keep you waiting. Also cause discomfort and severe pain can be not very well-crafted channels. In any case have to go to the dentist to examine the tooth and if necessary take action. Do not delay this, as it is likely that you have an Allergy to filling materials. The only solution in this case will be to remove the seal and use completely different materials. Procrastination can lead to severe inflammation, then the question arises about the removal of the tooth.