Advice 1: Which means a dead pigeon on the window

Always sad to see a dead bird, especially if it is a pigeon. This peaceful bird lives always closer to people. However, before you panic about what you saw and focus on the bad omens of the imminent death of someone from relatives, you should find out whether this fact is connected with the mass death of pigeons in the area.
Which means a dead pigeon on the window
Despite the fact that pigeons are very freedom-loving birds, they are the only birds live well in captivity. And the wild members always live in close proximity to human housing. It is not surprising that the folk Treasury of wisdom so many will associated with pigeons. Unfortunately, not all of them promise joy. Although the same wisdom says, "don't think about it, it will not stick".

The dove is the harbinger of good

Any flew into the house or come close to it the bird is regarded as a source of information. As for the dove, this bird of God – the source of the good news, white is considered a bird of peace and kindness. A lot of happiness promises dove newlyweds. However, to see a white suit in the wild – a great success, and, therefore, such a meeting must be accompanied by certainly joyful emotions.

A negative interpretation of the signs about a dead pigeon is due to the fact that the Holy Spirit, according to legend, descended to Earth in the guise of a dove. The great sin is the murder of a pigeon, eating it. If the death of the birds caught her on the windowsill of residential apartments, it is better not to dump and bury. A superstition was born because it is so rare to see in the street lying dead pigeons, although they, like all beings, have a tendency to get sick. For example, promicromonospora infection affects the entire Central nervous system of birds and is progressing rapidly. The dove becomes inactive, apathetic, paresis of wings characteristic of this disease might find the bird anywhere. Cause of mass death of birds can only be a flu epidemic or deliberate poisoning, which occurs in big cities. In this case, to believe the omen is not meaningful.

What to see a dead dove

In omens of dead pigeons on the roadway especially believe motorists. They think meeting a dead pigeon on the road and even more so to knock him to the inevitable crash. A dead pigeon on the windowsill of your apartment is treated differently. Some believe that his presence outside of the dwelling should be regarded as luck. Troubles will pass by. In another version of the dead bird – a pigeon portend impending disease close relatives who are older eyewitness. It could just be to sad news, failure at personal and professional front.

There is another sign related to what he saw a dove. If the window perched even a live bird, we should expect the death of someone from relatives or friends. It can even be next-door neighbors. To misfortune overtook the witness, you need to feed the bird, as if to pay off. The same can be regarded as a harbinger of good luck, awaiting good news. The interpretation is so controversial, what to believe or not to sign about a dead pigeon on the windowsill, everyone is free to decide for himself.

Advice 2: Folk omens about pigeons

In urban areas these birds are different: some consider pigeons a symbol of kindness and peace, while others feel only negative emotions. But if a bird flew into the house or the village near a window, many believe that it is something portends.
Folk omens about pigeons

Some signs of these birds have a negative value, but most promise happiness, good news and problems. In ancient times it was believed that if a dove were in the house – one of the household dies. The angel came to carry the soul.

The bird only trusts good people

Doves are gentle birds that are very well feel the power of the person. A wild bird trying to survive on their own, not accustomed to humans will never fly up to the evil man, only sincerity and kindness attract the dove. Of course, don't forget about the most common mind – if the pigeon pooped on you – you can wait for the ambulance arrived.

The dove flew out the window

A bird in the house – trouble and the death of one of family members. But if she flew through the open window – wait for good news from afar. And if you are lucky enough, and a dove holding a leaf or twig in beak, thankfully.

A bird beating on the windowpane

This means that you need to wait for news from distant relatives or friends with whom long time no see. But the news can be both good and bad. But many still tend to believe that it's luck and favorable changes.

Pigeon on the windowsill

The bird sitting on the windowsill means that in the near future in the house, nothing bad will happen. But if the dove will fly constantly, you will be able to avoid trouble for long.

Pigeons and the weather

If you follow the pigeons, it is possible to predict rains, storms and other unpleasant natural phenomena. Even if the day is warm and bright, these birds are not, then in a few hours you can expect bad weather.

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