Pain in a dead tooth

Removal of the nerve is quite painful procedure, so it is performed under local or infiltration anesthesia. After the initial steps, the dentist removes the affected tissue of the tooth, reveals polovoy chamber and remove the nerve. After that, the tooth becomes dead and hurt were no longer required – however, the patient still experiences discomfort or pain when biting on it. The preservation of pain after pulpectomy due to the fact that after removal of the neurovascular bundle at the apical hole of the tooth root is bleeding and separation of the nerve from the main nerve trunk.

Often the pain in a dead tooth can be saved if the dentist removed the nerve or exceeded the desired quantity of filling material in the canal.

Pain when biting observed in those cases, if inflammation of the tooth had suppurative or chronic. In this case affected not only the pulp of the tooth, but the surrounding external tissues, the skeletal system and ligaments. The dentist must carry out a number of medical procedures that will help to eliminate the inflammatory process in these tissues. If you have a toothache after removal, but the surrounding tissue is not affected, can be suspected of aggressive drugs that dentists treated root canals. Subsequently, these drugs irritate the tooth from the inside and provoke the emergence of pain reaction.

How to get rid of pain in a dead tooth

First and foremost, you must know that after the removal of nerve pain in the tooth can be maintained for three to five days, after which they gradually begin to disappear. If the tooth continues to hurt for longer periods of time, and pain attacks are amplified and grow, you need to contact the dentist, who will appoint an x-ray to clarify the causes of pain.

Pain when pressing on the toothand sensitivity to hot and cold after removal of the nerve in the first days are the norm.

If x-rays show the source of the problem, the dentist will perelechivayut tooth or prescribe a course of physiotherapy treatment. For medical treatment in such cases usually used antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications, which will accelerate the healing process of damaged tissues and relieve the patient from exhausting toothache. To warn such problems, after removal of the nerve it is desirable to put a temporary filling, which is easy to change to a permanent one.