Today, insurance companies are willing to offer two types of motor insurance: MTPL and CASCO. CTP (compulsory third party liability insurance) is a mandatory insurance for all car owners, and hull can be available on request. It is worth to examine in more detail these two types of insurance.

How much is CTP

Once a year, any motorist or motorcyclist should extend the validity of the insurance policy. If this is not done, they can be fined a decent amount. The cost of insurance is calculated in a special way: it depends on the age and type of car, age of driver, duration of trouble-free driving and place of registration of the vehicle. For example, if people living in the Saratov region, will want to purchase the insurance policy on an old Lada, he will have to pay about 3 thousand rubles. The owner of new cars registered in Moscow, will have to pay for this insurance policy for 6-8 thousand rubles.

It should be noted that the driver may receive compensation only in case if it is not the culprit. If during the accident affected only his car, he can get 120 thousand rubles, but if I hit another people, 160 000.
To calculate the exact cost of the policy CTP, you can use an insurance agent or on the dedicated website, where there is a cost calculator CTP.

What is the cost of CASCO

CASCO (comprehensive car insurance, excluding liability) is a voluntary kind of car insurance. Of course, the cost of CASCO policy will exceed the amount spent on insurance. The main advantage of insurance is the ability to make any insurance claims (for example, you can insure your car from falling tree during a hurricane or damage from the icicles, fallen from the roof in the winter time).

To tell you the exact cost of the hull, unlike CTP, it is impossible. Usually the price of such insurance may vary from 4 to 12% of the total cost of the car. Thus, owners of foreign cars will have to fork out. The cost of hull insurance will be more, if the insurance is issued on a young driver who throughout the year have an accident. The lack of alarm or special storage of the car in the dark will also increase the cost of the hull. To know the exact cost of comprehensive insurance for your car, you can in any insurance company that deals with car insurance.