Calculate the amount of indemnity insurance. Here, the insured event is an accident. The calculation of compensation is usually at the cost of the damaged vehicle parts with medium and light injuries, and the entire car (what was left) in severe. The residual value will be recovered parts of the car need replacement. The appraiser will take into account the age of the car. In the first year of operation the cost of the machine and spare parts is reduced by 18 percent, each subsequent 15. If you replaced any part of a motor vehicle by a new one and it was damaged in the crash, find the receipt from the store for this item. The cost will be calculated based on the price and date of purchase specified on the receipt.Apart from the damage caused to the vehicle, count the cost of its repair,
services of the appraiser and the wrecker.If the accident caused the injury is insured, compensation shall be the cost of the treatment or, in the case of death, for burial. The amount of insurance indemnity cannot exceed the amount established by rules OSAGO.
Calculate the amount of insurance indemnity hull insurance for damage to the car. Here the calculation is also based on the life of the transport. The percentage by which it decreases the value of the car and its parts is the same as in the calculation of payments for insurance.Calculate the indemnity value of the damaged parts and repair costs cars.
Calculate the amount of compensation for the damage caused to the insured property. Compensation for the residual value will be completely destroyed buildings (as a result of fire, natural disasters). The order of payment of expenses for restoration of the damaged property is defined in the rules of insurance company. The amount can be calculated based on the cost of materials and labour at the date of conclusion of the contract, or at market prices prevailing at the time of the insured event.