Advice 1: How to sew up the hymen

Modern medicine allows you to restore the virginity even to women who already have children. No matter the reasons why women decided on this operation, because they have the right to do with their body whatever they want. Who could do such an operation and how it happens?
How to sew up the hymen
More than fifty years ago was performed the first operation to restore the hymen. Since then, every year tens of thousands of women are turning to plastic surgeons to ensure that they were conducted such an operation. This is a fairly simple manipulation, the indication for which is the desire of the patient.

How is the operation to repair the hymen?

If a woman lost her virginity not so long ago, and she remains of the ruptured hymen, the partition is restored by connection special thread remaining fragments. During sexual intercourse hymen is torn just as it was the first time. It is possible that the pain and bleeding in a woman who has gone through the procedure of hymenoplasty procedure – restore your virginity will be even stronger than the first in her life the sexual act.

Restoration of virginity can be produced even from the woman who already had children. Of course, in the course of such intervention is tacked not what's left after breaking the hymen – in fact, it's already gone – and with a special thread connects pre-cut the mucous membrane on the eve of the vagina. In fact, hymenoplasty can be performed repeatedly.

The operation to restore virginity usually takes no more than an hour and is performed using local anesthesia.

Why the need for an operation to restore virginity?

Often enough to restore virginity to plastic surgeons treated victims of rape. Another large group of patients, there are girls who want to marry innocent despite the fact that before marriage they had more or less sex life. For the hymenoplasty procedure has almost no contraindications, if not to take into consideration the patient's psychiatric disorders and inflammatory processes in the vagina in the acute stage.

After the surgery, the doctor makes patient specific recommendations. Most often it is information on diet in the first days after the operation, which aims to prevent the processes of fermentation in intestines and bloating. In addition, in the first days after surgery is contraindicated in intense physical exercise and the hygiene of the external genitalia of a woman must be even more careful than usual.

Advice 2 : How to become a virgin again

The hymen is a fold of mucous membrane, surrounding the entrance to the vagina. It protects the female organs from infections and stored before the first sexual intercourse. To regain virginity without surgery impossible. Surgery to repair the hymen is called hymenoplasty.
How to become a virgin again
Hymenoplasty is a small operation for artificial creation of obstacles at the entrance of the vagina, like hymen. Performed using absorbable threads. Result from rupture of such similarity will be the same as in the primary defloration, but the feeling can be more painful.
At the preliminary examination, the doctor evaluates the condition of the mucosa and remaining after defloration tissues. The efficiency of the recovery of the hymen depends on the characteristics of the anatomical structure of the genital organs. Is the procedure any day of the menstrual cycle, excluding days of menstruation due to increased risk of endometriosis. Contraindication is the presence of chronic inflammatory diseases. Medical indications for this surgery does not exist, requires only the desire of the patient. Hymenoplasty does not require special documentation and support of others. Age isn't important.
On initial examination, the gynecologist checks the status of the remaining hymen tissue and takes the necessary tests. On this basis, decided what kind of a hymenoplasty procedure will be conducted. Short-term hymenoplasty is performed by stitching pieces of the natural hymen between them. Operation does not require General anesthesia and takes about 20 minutes. Can be performed the same day of the patient to the clinic. Used for stitching biodegradable thread, which will last for 7-10 days, after which the hymen will break again, so expect defloration should be carried out during this period.
For long-term hymenoplasty, the hymen is restored by suturing of the vestibule of the vagina triple layer of epithelial tissue. Usually performed under General or local anaesthesia and takes about an hour. Long-term hymenoplasty allows you to create a new hymen for a long enough period, however, feelings of loss will be somewhat harder than in the first defloration.
Hymenoplasty is considered to be a simple operation. Complications after the operation are rare, and are caused most often by failure to comply with the requirements of the surgeon and the violation of personal hygiene. After the operation the woman the same day back home and can start normal life. The first time is not recommended heavy exercise, taking a bath, swimming pool and sauna and heavy food. It is important to carefully observe personal hygiene with the use of local antiseptics. The doctor may use of antibiotics for faster healing.
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