Advice 1: How to take sedatives

To any drug effect with maximum effect, it must make correctly. Sedatives are no exception. But their reception should be considered and which group they belong, whether they are drugs of plant or synthetic origin.
How to take sedatives

What are sedatives

Sedation, or sedative, drugs are divided into two categories. The first group includes those that have a vegetable origin, the active ingredient in them are the extracts of Valerian, motherwort, etc. the second category includes synthetic sedatives, which, in turn, are divided into benzodiazepines and barbiturates. In addition they have a calming effect and antihistamines of the first generation, which include, for example, diphenhydramine, which have a pronounced soporific effect.

How to take a sedative

Sedatives of plant origin are sold in pharmacies without a prescription. To date, there has been studies scientifically prove their effectiveness and justify safe dosage. However, this effect is, and the dosage should follow those specified in the instructions for use. The most popular medication in this category is Valerian. Make it should not with other sedatives or with synthetic, not vegetable. Doctors do not recommend to use it for a long time.

Motherwort should not take during pregnancy, so as not to cause miscarriage. Herbal product Kava-Kava, which is also sold in Russian drugstores as a sedative, it is forbidden to use in Germany, Switzerland and Canada, because it has a negative effect on the liver. Side effects of passionflower (Passiflora) is not fixed, it is considered quite safe component of the calming herbs. But to use St. John's wort together with oral contraceptives is not – it neutralizes their effect. Sedatives of vegetable origin is better to drink after eating, so as not to cause indigestion or gastritis.

To synthetic drugs include barbiturates - Corvalolum, valokardin, and benzodiazepines – Relanium, seduksen, diazepam. The first is relatively safe, but have a short duration of action. The second are longer, but have many side effects and are addictive, so taking them out should be strictly under the supervision of a physician, who will prescribe a prescription for them. Synthetic drugs can be taken at any time, no matter before or after meals.

General recommendations include the time of reception of soothing preparations: from 14:00 to 15:00 they work particularly effectively. It is impossible to combine taking them with alcohol, the consequences can be very serious. You should not drink grapefruit juice and drinks that contain tannin and caffeine that provoke the opposite effect and cause excessive anxiety.

Advice 2: What sedative can you buy without prescription

In some situations the person may cease to cope with life's troubles, stress at work or at home. In such a situation is effective sedative that can be purchased at the pharmacy. But not all such drugs are sold without prescription.
What sedative can you buy without prescription

Medications based on plant raw materials

Such drugs include three popular medicines bestowed by nature itself – Valeriana in tablets, tincture and motherwort tincture peony.

The first tool has a mild but effective sedative effect. The reason for these properties of Valerian – its essential oil, consisting of an ester borneol and isovaleric acid. An important feature of this tool is the softness of the occurrence of the desired calm, as the man immediately throws into sleep and peace of mind.

Valerian tablets it is best to start using before the upcoming stress. For example, you may know that in the next month to be passing complex report or final paper. In this case, start taking Valerian in advance, and the difficult period will pass much calmer.

Valerian is effective and frequent migraines, severe nervous agitation, lung disorders of the cardiovascular system, and in the case of sleep disorders.

Indications for the use of the tincture of motherwort are high nervous irritability, stress, as well as labile hypertension, which currently suffer more and more people.

Tincture of peony is used by people for decades and even centuries because of the beautiful properties of this plant have been known and used since ancient herbalists. This tool is effective in decline, not only emotional, but also physical forces, caused by serious and prolonged stress. It is the tincture of peony is the real enemy of migraines, depression and stress.
Peony is quite a strong allergen, so take it with some caution, watching the reactions of the body.

Other sedative drugs, which often buy in pharmacies

Quite a popular tool of this kind is "Novopassit", providing a more powerful and rapid impact on the human nervous system than other drugs. Its purpose is to struggle with irritability, anxiety and fears.

However, the pharmaceutical company that produces "Novopassit", warns of its possible side effects, frequent dizziness, lethargy and sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, severe decreased concentration, cramps, itching and muscle weakness.

Sedation other sedative drug – "Persina" is softer than "Novopassit". Due to this, people who bought medication will not feel sleepy in the middle of the day, but to feel significant trim mental state.

It is the "Person" can replace more potent sedative and to help people suffering from insomnia, vegetative-vascular dystonia and neurosis, provoking anxiety or nervous excitement.

Advice 3: How to take pills

"Corvalol" – the drug has on the body of a sedative (sedative) effect. Tool release in the form of tablets, drops for oral administration.
How to take pills

Instructions for use "Corvalol"

"Sage" is a combined drug that includes phenobarbital, peppermint oil, ethyl ester of alpha-bromoisovaleric acid. The drug has a sedative, expand blood vessels, antispasmodic effect, improves natural sleep. "Corvalol" is prescribed as a calming and widening the blood vessels means if sinus tachycardia, cardialgia, high blood pressure, insomnia, autonomic lability, neurotic States, hypochondriacal syndrome, irritability. Due to spasmolytic action of the drug is used in intestinal and biliary colic.

"Corvalol" take before meals, two to three times a day for 15-30 drops. Pre-drops dissolved in 30-50 ml of water. The dose can be increased to 30-40 drops in vascular spasm, tachycardia. Children appoint 3-15 drops of the drug. "Corvalol" tablets take one or two jokes two or three times a day before meals. For tachycardia can you take at one time to three pills.

The duration of intake "Corvalol" is determined by the doctor according to the indications individually. During administration of the drug is necessary to observe extreme caution when operating machinery, driving a transport, the classroom activity that requires concentration, speed of reaction. It is impossible to take remedy with alcohol, which intensifies the effect of the "Korvalola" and exacerbates the side effects.

"Corvalol": contraindications, side effects

"Corvalol" is contraindicated in severe renal and hepatic insufficiency, during lactation, in cases of hypersensitivity. The drug is used with caution during pregnancy. "Corvalol" can cause a decrease in heart rhythm, drowsiness, dizziness, diminished ability to concentrate, allergies. Prolonged use of the drug may lead to addiction, dependence, to cause withdrawal symptoms.

The consequences of addiction to natural remedy: reduce the effectiveness of normal doses leads to the necessity of its increase, the result is to develop and strengthen the symptoms of overdose. Overdose "Pills" is manifested in the reduction of pressure, depression of the nervous system, nystagmus, conjunctivitis, ataxia, chronic poisoning bromine (rhinitis, hemorrhagic diathesis). Appear violation of motor coordination, depression, apathy). Treatment of overdose consists of symptomatic treatment.

Advice 4: What is a sedative, how they act

Sedatives are called psychotropic medications that have a calming effect on the Central nervous system (CNS) without significant violations of its functions. Such funds are used in medicine mainly for the treatment of neurotic conditions.
What is a sedative, how they act

Sedatives and their types

This group of drugs can reduce the excitability of the Central nervous system to exert regulatory effects by restoring the balance between the processes of excitation and inhibition and, if necessary, to strengthen the processes of inhibition. Sedative drugs have a less pronounced psychosedative effect than tranquilizers, and do not possess a hypnotic and muscle relaxant properties, and, importantly, did not cause ataxia.

The systematic use of sedatives for long time mental drug dependence does not occur to them. In recommended therapeutic doses, sedatives are not able to possess a hypnotic effect. But, providing a calming effect on the Central nervous system, they may provoke the onset and deepening of sleep.

Distinguish sedative drugs of synthetic and plant origin. Of the drugs of plant origin widely used remedies based on medicinal plants such as motherwort, Valerian officinalis, Melissa officinalis, patrinia medium (stone Valerian), Passiflora incarnated, peony and tropical plants of the family percovich Kava-Kava. Pharmacological effects of herbal sedatives is very diverse. For example, in addition to the Valeriana officinalis sedative effect that is associated with a reduction in the excitability of the Central nervous system, has antispasmodic properties, improves coronary circulation, regulates heart function, increases the secretion glands of the gastrointestinal tract and improves bile secretion.

Similar to Valerian effects on the body has motherwort, providing also the antihypertensive effect and reducing the heart rate. Passion flower and peony additionally have anticonvulsant action. Melissa inherent antipruritic, antihypertensive, antispasmodic, and prevent arrhythmia act. In addition, she has a slight choleretic effect, favorable way helps to restore intestinal flora and enhance secretion of the gastro-intestinal tract. Kava-Kava has an excellent hypnotic, antimicrobial, and analgesic effects.

Drugs that have a sedative effect

A calming effect is also characteristic of certain medications, which are often not considered as a means of influencing the Central nervous system. For such drugs sedative effect is related to the primary pharmacological effects. For example, a pronounced sedative effect can occur when you use a diuretic acetazolamide (Diakarb"), certain antihypertensive drugs — clonidine hydrochloride ("Clonidine"), or metildofy. Sedative and in some cases even have a soporific effect of some antihistamines, especially diphenhydramine hydrochloride (Diphenhydramine) and promethazine.

To achieve the best therapeutic effect is very important the right choice of sedatives or appropriate drug combinations and to establish the most effective dose that can be determined only specialist after prior consultation.

Advice 5: What sedative herbs it is possible to drink pregnant

During pregnancy a woman's body occurs hormonal changes. It is accompanied by frequent changes of mood, insomnia, irritability, panic attacks. Doctors in such cases advise more walk in the fresh air, to create around themselves a positive environment, but these methods do not always help.
What sedative herbs it is possible to drink pregnant
During pregnancy is highly undesirable to use as a sedative drugs. Especially they should not be taken in the first trimester, as this period increases the risk of developing serious diseases and abnormalities of the baby.
The best soothing remedies during pregnancy are the drugs of plant origin. Is motherwort, Valerian, grass mint, lemon balm and Passiflora. Contained in these plants, essential oils and alkaloids beneficial effects for the mother and baby.
Therapeutic infusion of motherwort easily cook for themselves at home. For this you need to pour 15 g herb motherwort Cup of boiling water for 15-25 minutes. Strained infusion to take two or three times a day one tablespoon.
You can take Valerian for insomnia and nervous excitement. Valerian has a mild sedative effect along with soothing. In the pharmacies you can find the roots of Valerian, manufactured briquettes. To prepare one or two slices of briquette pour a glass of water and boil for 5 minutes. Strained infusion to take one tablespoon two or three times a day.
You can take Valerian tablets. As a rule, for pregnant women it is prescribed one tablet two to three times a day.
You can also make an infusion from a mixture of herbs motherwort and Valerian.
For nervous anxiety, insomnia, it is recommended to take extract passively for 35 to 40 drops two to three times a day.
Self-infusion of the herb passively prepared as follows. One teaspoon of herbs pour 150 ml of hot water, leave for 10 minutes and strain. To take before bedtime.
Pregnant women are often prescribed as a sedative to take the herb mint and lemon balm. In addition to a sedative effect, these herbs relieve symptoms of morning sickness. It is recommended to breathe the fresh pounded leaves of these herbs.
To make tea from lemon balm, you need to take three teaspoons of dried or fresh chopped lemon balm leaves, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for 10 minutes. Infusion is a strong, pregnant women, the volume should be diluted with boiled water to a volume of 500 ml.
Attention, tinctures of motherwort and Valerian on alcohol is contraindicated in pregnant women.

You can't use the infusion of these herbs, if you have an Allergy to them. Also, if low blood pressure, which is caused by the pregnancy.
Useful advice
In any case, before using any means necessary to consult with your doctor.

Advice 6: What sedative can be used during lactation

In the body of a woman who is breastfeeding her baby, hormonal changes occur. This may explain her irritability, insomnia and hysteria. This young mother realizes that she needs to be confident and calm to make her child feel comfortable. So often raises the question of sedation, suitable for nursing moms.
What sedative can be used during lactation

Sedative drugs while breastfeeding

Lactation it is very important that the woman felt peace and comfort. The excitement and stress affect the quality and quantity of breast milk. And if there is a need to take a sedative, then his choice should be taken very seriously.

Often young mothers are used as sedative herbal and medicinal plants. But they should be treated with extreme caution. Some herbs cannot be taken during breastfeeding, for example, mint, because its action reduces the production of milk. But the fennel, on the contrary, will serve you and sedatives, and increase lactation. Sometimes a nursing woman can take Valerian, and, in the form of pills, and a tincture of the rhizome of Valerian.

Also in the period of breast-feeding as a sedative can be motherwort tincture. In pharmacies, this herb is sold in special filter bags for brewing. But the drug Motherwort Forte nursing mother is absolutely contraindicated.

A woman needs to know that lactation is desirable to adopt a variety of alcoholic tinctures. The alcohol included in the composition of such drugs can have a negative impact on the baby.

As a sedative during the period of breast-feeding sometimes use special massages, baths, aromatherapy. In some cases there are homeopathic medicines.

The choice of sedative? Only individually!

Any sedative drug during lactation should start taking minimum doses. Be sure to consider the child's reaction, because the drug can cause the baby indigestion, drowsiness, or any other changes in behavior.

The degree of irritability of the individual in every woman. Sedative drugs for nursing is also a great variety. So you need to choose a drug that will help you cope with emotional stress and to relax. This is very important. Because the child reacts to the mood of his mother. If the mother is irritated, he may be cranky and cry.

The cause of the stress the young mother is often chronic fatigue, so do not hesitate to seek the assistance of relatives and friends. Then you will have more time to sleep, walks in the fresh air, and therefore you'll be less irritable.

You need to remember that a sedative drug during lactation is chosen individually. No one remedy will not help anyone after the first application. The recovery of the body herbal drugs is a long process. So be patient and love yourself. So you will save lactation and relationship with the world around you.
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