Advice 1: What if aching legs

As you know, in the legs there is no truth. To feet did not hurt and were not swollen, for them to care, to notice the changes with them, and to take action. But what to do if the legs ache periodically and even frequently?
What if aching legs
Unpleasant sensations in the legs from time to time appear to each person, and each characterizes this state in his own way: someone is hurting, someone turns, someone feels heaviness in the legs, and someone indicates discomfort with the term "buzz." Of course, such characteristics are rather emotional and are not able to indicate the presence of any disease.

If aching feet, to do massage, take a bath or douche. It can also help exercise the "American landing" in which the legs are thrown on the table for a few minutes.

Varicose veins and its treatment

Most often legs are aching due to vascular diseases, in particular varicose veins. In this disease increases the diameter of the lumen of the veins, as a result of impaired blood circulation, leg aching, bursting, there is a feeling that it's crawling down my spine.

People with this disease have to organize your work and life: often to give the feet a rest, doing useful in this case, the activity "the American landing", which is throwing down on the table for a few moments. The healing power of massage and contrast shower.

If the legs are aching for a long time, it is better to consult a doctor. Aid, which include rutin and vitamin C, you can use inflammatory and antithrombotic cream based on horse chestnut, leeches, and other.

Self-help for pain in the legs

Very often, the feet are aching in pregnant women, in this case, will help salt-free diet and anti-edema agents of vegetable origin with horse chestnut extract Boswellia. Aching in the legs occurs and at high loads on the body. Tired muscles lack of oxygen and excess of lactic acid. In this case, can help a warm bath, massage with a cooling cream and rubbing.

After the unusual load well take a steam bath or sauna. As rubbing suitable tool able to enhance the blood flow in the muscles – this can be as an essential oil such as Vietnam balm and cream with red pepper extract, medical leeches. If nothing was, there will come a Cologne or vodka.

Legs often ache and serious disease – sciatica. In this case, patient feels pain not only in lower back but in the back of the thigh and the outer surface of the tibia. In this case, the help anti-inflammatory and analgesic funds on the basis of nimesulide. Spasms of skeletal muscles will help to relieve the muscle relaxants. But in any case, in the presence of pain should first see a doctor.

Advice 2: How to make legs lean

Different reasons can lead to this foot condition that you are eager to do their evil. To solve the problem from different sides, but it is best to do it comprehensively.
Moderate sports load good for slender legs
An important step, which is necessary, is physical exercise. If you need frequent loading. It is best to do the exercises at a fast pace with light weight. Heavy weight, on the contrary, helps build muscle, which in your case is premature. It is important to maintain the pace for at least 20 minutes and not make a long pause. It is very effective exercise bikes.
Watch your diet. Coaches call it "dried". At this time, from the diet should exclude or minimize the consumption of simple carbohydrates (sweets, starchy foods, starchy foods). Also try to eat less fat.
Massage (foot massage, holistic massage, anti-cellulite massage) will affect the condition of your feet. The main thing - do it regularly, at least 2 times a week. Massage increases the blood circulation in the massaged area and helps excrete various toxins. Muscles after massage come to tone the skin is tightened and becomes more elastic.
Do not worry if you have no time or opportunity to visit a masseur. The effects of regular self-massage is also you will be amazed.
Anti-cellulite creams are effective, but only if you combine them with other steps. If you are going to do exercises and watch your diet, of course, makes no sense to buy expensive creams. But if you do all of the above and add to these actions the regular use of anti-cellulite cream, you will make your legs lean even faster.
Once you reach your goal, continue to support the reached condition of the feet. The state takes much less time and effort.
Useful advice
Regularly look at photos of girls and women with slender legs. This will help you not to relax just for today."
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