The most common cause pain in the calf muscles – vascular disease. Painful sensations can be linked to increased pressure blood vessels that appear due to violation of the outflow of blood. The pain in this situation is whining, stupid character in the legs a feeling of heaviness. Similar symptoms are characteristic of varicose veins.Another reason for pain and heaviness in the legs, and also the appearance of sharp cramps, can be a sedentary lifestyle. When the person long time is in the same position, sitting or standing, disturbed blood circulation in veins and arteries. Blood stasis leads to oxygen starvation of tissues, accumulation in the muscles of toxins – harmful substances.Thrombophlebitis – a fairly common cause of pain in the calves of the legs. The pain is throbbing in nature and changes with time, turning into a burning sensation. Calf thrombophlebitis sick constantly.Another cause of pain in the calf muscles is atherosclerosis. This disease is accompanied by compaction of the walls of blood vessels and muscle "compression". Atherosclerosis pain syndrome is typical for the calf muscles, the discomfort in my feet is worse when walking.Pain in calves of legs to provoke some diseases of the spine. If the cause is directly in the disease of the spine, such as disc displacement, the pain can wear eradiri nature, i.e. the source is not in feet, but the pain only "give" in the calf.The most severe pain in the calves of the legs causes a disease such as myositis – inflammation of skeletal and calf muscles. This is a very serious disease that requires medical treatment, and medical monitoring. Often it occurs as a complication of several diseases, such as influenza. In some cases, myositis is caused by muscle strain or injury.