Advice 1: What medicines can help relieve pain in the legs

Foot pain can be felt or appear systematically in the evening. Their causes can be many, so in this case it is recommended to consult your doctor. To get rid of foot pain for a while will help the outer drugs.
What medicines can help relieve pain in the legs

Medicines for pain in the legs

For pain in the legs, you can use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ointment or gel. These drugs will help to quickly relieve the discomfort. Without a prescription can you buy ointment "Ibuprofen", "Diclofenac", "Fastum gel", "Ketonal" cream "Ketorol" or other drugs based on the NSAIDs. Pain caused by post-traumatic and rheumatic inflammations, facilitates "Olfen-gel". The tool has analgesic effect, accelerates the recovery of motor function. The drug penetrates through the skin and accumulates in the tissues. Joint pain will be effective balm "Removed," he gently warms and stops the pain, reduces the intensity of inflammatory reactions, restores mobility of the joints. This tool is used in arthritis, osteoarthritis, pain in the knee area, limited joint mobility, spasms, gout, strains of joints, sprains of the foot.

If the pain in the legs associated with varicose veins, it is better to buy a means of facilitating the outflow of venous blood. Without a doctor's prescription to buy the gels on the basis of horse chestnut, red vine, or other means that improves the tone of veins. For reviews effective ointment "Neovit", within which there is an extract from ginseng. It relieves fatigue, pain and heaviness in the legs, helps with varicose veins in the initial stage, contributes to the healing of venous ulcers. If the pain is caused by an excessive load on the legs, you can buy gel "Antistax" with an extract of red grape leaves. He perfectly relieves fatigue. This drug is good to use in hot summer and cold winter, during these periods of exacerbation of the manifestations of venous disease. The use of these external means should avoid contact with mucous membranes in the stomach.
Traditional remedy for feeling of heaviness, pain in the legs are characteristic of varicose veins is heparin ointment. It must be applied regularly, at least two weeks.

Folk remedies for the treatment of pain in the legs

As folk remedies for foot pain you can apply a tincture of red hot pepper, milfoil, ant alcohol. For the preparation of medicinal tinctures, place in jar of dark glass red chili pepper in the amount of 7 pieces, fill it with rubbing alcohol and leave it for ten days, shaking occasionally.
Formic alcohol can be purchased at the pharmacy.

To prepare the tincture from yarrow place 500 g of dry raw materials in a glass jar, cover with alcohol and leave for a month in a dark place. After that, strain the infusion, when the pain RUB foot and take orally 30 drops, previously dissolved in 1/2 Cup water.

Advice 2 : What drugs work to relieve pain in the knee joint

Pain in the knee joint is one of the most common reasons for seeking medical attention. As a rule, it occurs as a result of injury, congestion, and various diseases. For the relief of pain in the knee joint there are a lot of drugs. However, remember that before using medicines, you must consult with a specialist.
What drugs work to relieve pain in the knee joint
It is important to understand that early diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. After the necessary examinations the doctor prescribes appropriate medical therapy. A standard survey is a survey of patient examination, x-rays of the knee, ultrasonography, computed tomography.

Typically, patients are administered drugs that relieve inflammation and pain. Such medicines include: "Diclofenac", "We", "Voltaren", "Aceclofenac", "Indometacin", "Phenylbutazone". In addition, the treatment must necessarily be directed directly to the suspension of the process of tissue destruction and to restore it. So patients are shown receiving chondroprotectors, which are special medical drugs that can help cartilage cells – the chondrocytes in the synthesis of cartilage.

Penetrating into the body, the tools in this group provide a joint construction material directly to a cartilage tissue, which contributes to a significant improvement in the mobility of the cartilage of the knee joint and reduce painful symptoms. The most popular are considered chondroprotectors: chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate, hyaluronic acid. They are composed of the following medicines: "artro-Aktiv", "Artra", "Diacerein", "Dona".

In addition, there are effective gels that help to remove the swelling and to ease the knee pain when bending: "Bystrom gel", "Nise", "Fastum-gel". Be aware that in more severe cases, shows the operation for replacement of the affected joint.

What diseases can cause pain in the knee joint

To rather common diseases of the joints, characterized by sharp, shooting, and paroxysmal burning pain include gout and arthritis. There are also other diseases that are not related to injury or overload, which can contribute to pain syndromes in the knee joint: Osteoarthritis," "Baker's Cyst", "Dissecting Legg, Disease Osgood-Spatter". In addition, the appearance of pain in the knee joint may indicate the presence of infection of the skin, joint or bones.

Diet to reduce pain in the knee joint

Significantly reduce the discomfort in the knee joint helps balanced diet, which includes the introduction in the diet of the following foods:

- fish – has natural anti-inflammatory action;
- greens – helps to relieve pain and other unpleasant symptoms in the knee joint;
- juice – help to reduce swelling and reduce pain.

Advice 3 : Some injections prescribed for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that develops as a result of degenerative processes. Osteoarthritis is characterized by pain, limitation of mobility of the limbs.
Some injections prescribed for osteoarthritis
In osteoarthritis, accompanied by pain and inflammation, prescribe intramuscular injections of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These include: "Diclofenac", "Indometacin", "Ketoprofen", "NIMULID". They eliminate the symptom of pain, inflammation and swelling. These drugs are used to 10 days, they have many side effects.
Often severe pain administered intra-articular injections of hormonal drugs corticosteroid like "Flosteron", "Diprospan", "Kenalog", "Celeste", "Hydrocortisone", etc. These drugs have powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. In the same way as NSAIDs, they are not able to get rid of the disease but only relieve pain symptoms, and can be used in combination with the main methods of treatment.
Corticosteroids have many side effects, so they prescribed if simple painkillers do not help.
The frequency and dosage of injections prescribed by your doctor. That hormone therapy was safe, injections do not more often two times a month. If not observed analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect after the first injection, most likely the drug is not suitable. If treatment is not effective after the second drug, it can be regarded as a contraindication to therapy with hormones.
To restore destroyed cartilage in osteoarthritis injections of chondroprotectors: "don", "Alflutop", "Albena", "controlon". Doing them only in the absence of symptoms of inflammation. Once it gets into the cartilage, active substances stimulate the production of healthy cells that replace damaged. Components of the chondro - glucosamine and chondroitin. Chondroitin is a biologically active substance, stimulating and regenerating phosphorus-calcium metabolism in cartilage. Glucosamine is a dietary substance that stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid. Treatment chondroprotectors can 25-30 injections 1-2 times a year.
With osteoarthritis are also prescribed injections of hyaluronic acid. This substance gives the joint mobility, promotes the production of collagen and prevents its destruction. It helps to relieve inflammation, pain and facilitates movement. Injections of hyaluronic acid do 1 year course for 3-5 injections with an interval of 1-2 weeks.

Advice 4 : What injections will help with joint pain

Currently, the occurrence of pain in the joints began to disturb not only the elderly but also young. Constant and excruciating pain do not allow a person to move, so as a result of stagnant processes may occur joint deformation.
What injections will help with joint pain
Causes of joint pain the many": this inflammation, and increased load on the musculoskeletal, excess weight, and excessive exercise, and walking in high heels. Due to all these phenomena the cartilage of the joint wears out, there is a constant friction of bones against each other, decreases the amount of synovial fluid that leads to terrible pain, limiting movement.
The most optimal are the injections for the relief of painful symptoms in the joints. In injecting a medicinal substance capable of easier and faster to penetrate to the tissues and exert its action. This procedure should be conducted by a specialist to avoid possible complications.
"Diclofenac" is the most accessible and widespread drug to eliminate pain in the joints. Available in the form of solution for injection. Substance has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and, most importantly, analgesic effects. "Diclofenac" is used in rheumatic lesions of joints, arthrosis, arthritis.
More modern and all-natural is the solution "Alflutop", which doctors recommend to use when pain in the small joints, arthritis. This drug improves the metabolic processes in the tissue, accelerates metabolism and promotes the regeneration of cartilage tissue. When you use "Alflutop" there are virtually no side effects, allowing him to appoint the elderly.
In recent times has become a popular method of administration of hyaluronic acid into the joint cavity. Because it is a substance in its composition repeats the intra-articular fluid. That is hyaluronic acid prevents friction inside the joint, which significantly relieves pain in a patient. "Ostenil and Duralon" are quite expensive preparations containing hyaluronic acid but their effectiveness has been proven in numerous patients.
Doctors recommend the use of injections with hyaluronic acid, because treatment should be aimed not only at removing the pain. The function of the joint is normal after a six-month course of drugs "Ostenil and Duralon". This eliminates pain and joint function is fully restored. That allows the patient to return to his normal life, to forget about pain and disease itself.
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