Medicines for pain in the legs

For pain in the legs, you can use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ointment or gel. These drugs will help to quickly relieve the discomfort. Without a prescription can you buy ointment "Ibuprofen", "Diclofenac", "Fastum gel", "Ketonal" cream "Ketorol" or other drugs based on the NSAIDs. Pain caused by post-traumatic and rheumatic inflammations, facilitates "Olfen-gel". The tool has analgesic effect, accelerates the recovery of motor function. The drug penetrates through the skin and accumulates in the tissues. Joint pain will be effective balm "Removed," he gently warms and stops the pain, reduces the intensity of inflammatory reactions, restores mobility of the joints. This tool is used in arthritis, osteoarthritis, pain in the knee area, limited joint mobility, spasms, gout, strains of joints, sprains of the foot.

If the pain in the legs associated with varicose veins, it is better to buy a means of facilitating the outflow of venous blood. Without a doctor's prescription to buy the gels on the basis of horse chestnut, red vine, or other means that improves the tone of veins. For reviews effective ointment "Neovit", within which there is an extract from ginseng. It relieves fatigue, pain and heaviness in the legs, helps with varicose veins in the initial stage, contributes to the healing of venous ulcers. If the pain is caused by an excessive load on the legs, you can buy gel "Antistax" with an extract of red grape leaves. He perfectly relieves fatigue. This drug is good to use in hot summer and cold winter, during these periods of exacerbation of the manifestations of venous disease. The use of these external means should avoid contact with mucous membranes in the stomach.
Traditional remedy for feeling of heaviness, pain in the legs are characteristic of varicose veins is heparin ointment. It must be applied regularly, at least two weeks.

Folk remedies for the treatment of pain in the legs

As folk remedies for foot pain you can apply a tincture of red hot pepper, milfoil, ant alcohol. For the preparation of medicinal tinctures, place in jar of dark glass red chili pepper in the amount of 7 pieces, fill it with rubbing alcohol and leave it for ten days, shaking occasionally.
Formic alcohol can be purchased at the pharmacy.

To prepare the tincture from yarrow place 500 g of dry raw materials in a glass jar, cover with alcohol and leave for a month in a dark place. After that, strain the infusion, when the pain RUB foot and take orally 30 drops, previously dissolved in 1/2 Cup water.