The status of single mothers

Under current law, a single mother - the woman who gave birth out of wedlock (adopted) child, if it was not revealed who the father was.
A woman can be married and be a mother, if the birth certificate of the child missing father, until the moment her husband adopts the child.

Not recognized as single mothers:

women alone raising children and not receiving child support from his father;

- women who gave birth child after divorce (within three days) unless it is established that the former husband is not the father of the child;

widow, alone raising a child of the deceased spouse;

the mother of the children if their father was deprived of parental rights.

The list of benefits for single mothers

The law provides for the allocation of state sets of linen for babies and free baby food and milk (up to 2 years). Mothers also receive monthly state allowances per child.
Child allowance for unemployed mothers is 1873.10 R. (under 16 years) working - 40% of average earnings.

Children up to 3 years, the single mother should be compensated the increasing cost of food and of life (in Moscow they make 675 and 750 p., respectively), natural care and free medication.

Single mothers have rights to special enrollment of child in kindergarten, as well as 50% of benefits to pay it.

In the subsequent children of single mothers receive benefits to pay for specialized schools (art, music, sports, etc.). Students are given free meals. Also, each year a single mother might send the child for treatment in a sanatorium or in a summer camp.

Labour law single mothers are entitled to additional unpaid leave (up to 14 days) at any convenient time, and 100% payment of sick leave to care for a child up to fourteen years.

Also a single mother does not have the right to recruit during off hours (weekends and holidays).

They can't be fired until the child reaches the age of fourteen, they don't fall under the downsizing. Upon liquidation of the company the Director is obliged to employ a lone mother.

Have single mothers, and tax deductions in the amount of 2 thousand rubles for a child under 18 years of age.

In some regions, single mothers can apply for other subsidies. For example, to compensate a certain part of expenses for payment of utility bills.