You will need
  • -passport
  • -the certificate of a single mother
  • -birth certificate of the child
  • -proof of income of all family members
  • -a certificate of value of the property taxable
  • -a certificate of registration for 10 years
  • -certificate of inspection of living space in 5 years
  • -may require additional documents
So the woman put on a waiting list for priority housing, you must have the official status of single mothers. A single mother is the woman who gave birth to a child out of wedlock and the father of her child is blank or write in her own words. A woman who divorced, not living with the child's father or the father was deprived of parental rights cannot be considered to be a single mother. If a woman is officially married, and her new husband adopted the child, she does not lose the status of single mothers relative to child born out of wedlock. If the new husband of a woman adopted her child, the status of single mothers is removed, respectively, and benefits.
For the production of all to obtain social apartments should contact the local administration and write a statement and to present documents confirming malakoot, the status of a single mother and that you are in need of better housing conditions or not have housing at all.
To confirm that you are poor, you need to collect information on income of all family members, along with where you live. Takes into account not only the income you receive, but the cost of property that is subject to an annual tax.
You don't have to be a tenant of a flat or a family member of the employer only if the cubic capacity of the apartment does not allow for normal living, that is less than the accounting standards in your region.
You must also submit the certificate of inspection of housing and proof of residency.
Having reviewed your documents, you will be put on a waiting list to be able of priority of receipt.
Unfortunately, the persons eligible for priority housing, wait years in the queue priority.