After it was produced staining, if it was done according to the rules, the more hair starts to Shine, look alive, will become softer. This is especially true when using natural dyes such as henna or Basma: they not only color the hair but also care for them, strengthen the hair and scalp. In the modern hair dyes be sure to include vitamins and minerals, and their effects on the hair with best hand obviously. Staining gives the hair a more aesthetic appearance, hiding uneven gray and manifested signs of stress.
Nevertheless even modern dyes harm your hair. Ammonia is contained in a much smaller, sooner amount, but without it, the staining will not occur. It affects the structure of the hair, destroying the hair post if used frequently. This is especially noticeable in the case if the paint on the hair was overexposed. First, the tone will be different from what was intended. Hair after this unfortunate incident becomes dry and brittle, begin to fall, the scalp often flakes. Have to spend a lot of time for restorative procedures, and only a few months restored normal growth and structure of hair.
Completely harmless and 100% natural can only be considered henna and Basma. But what to do if their palette is too poor and to change the color of hair I want? Moreover, even the use of only those dyes too can cause allergies, like any plant material. Do not forget that staining all the other paints after application of henna and Basma difficult, and the result can be drastically distorted (for the most part it is the shades of green of varying intensity). This is because chemical components can not penetrate into the structure of the hair using natural ingredients, it scored in the entire structure, and only come to him in response, changing color.
Considering all these factors, we have to conclude that the most harmful is the frequent experiments of any kind on the hair without the supervision of specialists. To assess the benefits and harms of dyeing each hair needs individual consultation with a specialist with extensive experience in this field. Even the most wonderful paint without ammonia, applied to the hair at home can cause irreparable harm. And under the supervision of experts can be trusted for the safety of hairstyle do platinum lightening with the long permed.