Manufacturers are struggling to improve the quality of the product and to produce the highest safe hair dye with the least harmful properties. Today, on many packages you can see the inscription – "sparing effect", "paint without ammonia", "nourishing shampoo, intensive care, etc. On how actually all these products protect the hair without checks empirically hard to say. All individually. Nevertheless, to understand the varieties of dyes is definitely.

Resistant hair dye

Paint is divided into three main types: long-lasting, semi-permanent and coloring. Resistant – this paint with ammonia or alkali (rarely), and hydrogen peroxide. This type quickly and efficiently stain the hair, but is accompanied by a sharp unpleasant smell, and causes burning of the skin, for a long time does not restore the natural color of hair. On the structure of the hair the paint is harmful – the hair scales stand on end, and is passed into the dye. The structure of the hair varies. Curls become tight and this can be fixed partially with the help of special balms. And the new color is rapidly fading. Especially bad for the hair blunderous shades. Today, these dyes are added skin nutrients. But the point of impact does not change.

Coloring dyes

Hair dyes harm your hair minimally. But they have low durability, and the paint is completely washed off from the hair in about a month. With these colors you can't paint over a gray hair, you can only give your hair the desired shade and make the native colour more intense and interesting.

Semi-permanent hair dye

The most popular in recent years have become semi-permanent or semi-permanent dyes. They are also called contact lenses. The basis - hydrogen peroxide. They are able to lighten your hair 2-3 shades, go evenly from the hair without creating clear boundaries of painting. Empirically it is noticed that with regular use of such dyes increases their resistance, as it is layering and gradual deep penetration into the hair structure.

For the first time using this paint, you must know that it gives a darker shade than stated. It is more gentle on the hair and cause much less allergic reactions. But to consider it completely safe and harmless is not necessary, because it contains peroxide or other oxidizing agents. Today this type of paint manufacturers are trying to defuse it with a helpful supplements: vitamins and oils.